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Mistress sexy ebony Debby wears a very nice spandex in this clip. Its very tight and she has great plans to torture her slave with them. So he is made to lay down on the sofa as she lowers her sexy ass right on his face. She makes him smell her ass and there's no escape for him. As he starts to cry and fidgets, the mistress slaps his face several times to make him shut up...

Lady Amazon is one of the girls your mother always told you not to play with! This time she smother a slave. Well smothering is nothing new: if the slave can handle it - but that isn't fact this time. This woman is busty, bbw and very sexy. She makes him obey her and there is really no way out for him so he has got to do everything she wants while she puts her sexy ass right on his face...

Ebony goddess mistress Spice has her slave right where she wants him - motionless and helpless laying on the bed. Now she can start her evil game! First she sits on his face and makes him inhale her woman scent. Then she smothers him with her perfect ass. The slave mumbles but isn't really able to free himself - so he has got to take all of the humiliating punishment...

Mistress Ass has her name for a reason - this sexy big ebony ass is made for facesitting! She facesits this old guy on the bed and his head is totally gone between the soft mattress and this big sexy butt. He's also forced to smell her worn panties and her delicious ass.

Brazil woman Debby smothers and dominates her slave in her red string! See her sitting right on his mouth and nose, making him smell her ass. He is not able to resist her, and she shows no mercy to him as she takes complete control over his breath.

Ebony Mistress Crazy Ass facesits a white male slave. He gets totally smothered under that round black ass and his mistress seems not satisfied with normal facesitting as she sits down with her full weight to make sure he suffers properly under her butt.

The two ebony beauties Debby and Ivy smother this white slave under their hot asses. They take turns sitting on his face as well as sitting on him at the same time - he has no chance to escape dominated by these two experienced ebony mistresses.

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