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Mistress Ava wanted her ass eaten. So she facesat her slave and she had him lick her ass. He was not given a choice as the mistress made it clear that he had to do what she wanted. Any disobedience would land him in big trouble and he would be solely responsible and to blame for anything that she would do to him in that event. He licked her ass even as he choked.

Madame Marissa was out to torture this guy and she did it with her jeans as she facesat on him. He wished he had never pissed her off but there was nothing he could do about it. The mistress facesat on him with her denim on and he was in the pain of a lifetime as she wigged her ass on his face to make it even more painful than it already was.

Mistress Smiley wanted to trample this guy and at the same time facesit this other guy. That is what she did and she did not care what the guy felt. All the mistress wanted was to send a message and she succeeded in doing it. The guys realized that they had misjudged the mistress and that they were paying for their mistake in the worst way possible. In a way they had never done before.

This guy had a crush on this mistress and she took advantage of it to have fun at his expense. She told the guy how much she wanted him but he had to do things her way. The guy agreed and let her facesit him and do some nasty things like fart on him. She then rubbed her clit on his face until she squirted on him and then told him she was satisfied and he had done all of that to her.

Mistress Lisa wanted her husband to learn that she was not going to allow him to do whatever he wanted at her expense. She wanted him to learn to collaborate with her on things so she facesat him to pump some sense into his head. As she ass smothered him and crushed his head, he choked a little and he begged her to stop as he had learned his lesson.

Mistress Smiley loves to get value for her money and after giving this guy some work to do for her, they did not do it the way she wanted. So the mistress chose to use her ass to punish him them. She facesat on them with her jeans and smothered them until they learned their lessons and redid the work as well as she wanted and this time she supervised them closely.

Lady Karame wanted to dominate this loser and she did it with her ass and her farts. She went ahead and she asked him to lie down on the floor and she facesat on him. Then she wiggled her ass on his face and when she was done, she farted on him. He did not mind being facesat on as he was close to her pussy and he could smell it. But he was degraded and pissed when she farted on him.

Mistress Alisha had asked her slave to do some things for her but he forgot. She had told him to set a reminder as they were important but he said he would not forget. He forgot. She was so upset at him that she choked him with her ass by facesitting on him. He was in the pain of a lifetime as she did that to him. He never forgot anything again.

These mistresses wanted to have a threesome with this guy. They were excited about it and so was he. But when the material day came, they had fun turning him on and wanted to suck his dick when they found out he had a small dick. They were so disappointed in him and he had to be punished for raising their hopes for nothing. They facesat on him and choked him as punishment.

This slave was too slow for mistress Alisha and she had to get him to do things faster. She had tried to talk to him but it did not seem to help. She had to come up with a different way to do things. That is when she came up with the idea to facesit on him using her big ass. She used her jeans to do it and it was cruel, humiliating and painful as it was intended.

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