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Queen Hanna and mistress Jane wanted to degrade this guy for what he had done and they did it using their asses by facesitting him. He was invited to their house and he went thinking it was a social visit or for fun. But he got the shock of a lifetime when the mistresses forced him to lie down and proceeded to choke him with their asses as they facesat him.

Mistress Jardena loves to facesit. But she never facesat on her ex as he was not that adventurous in the bedroom. So when they broke up, she became free to do it with others. And when he tried to get her back and he became a bother, she facesat him to send a message that she did not want him to continue bothering her. He got scared and left her alone.

Mistress Sofi had paid rent and asked her man to furnish the house but he had not done so. She was so pissed at him that she had to come up with a way for him to be punished. The mistress cruelly facesat him to ensure that he did so the next day. She did not want him to drag it out for her to do it and then pretend that he wanted to do it but she beat him to it.

This guy wanted to treat queen Hanna but he did not have money. She knew his kind and she was sure that she would have a good time but would end up spending her own money. So she wanted to find out whether he had the money first and she realized he did not and so she facesat on him and humiliated him to teach him a lesson. She did not go out with him.

Lady Victoria and her friend mistress Liza did not like how this guy treated them just because he was rich. He felt that they were tools he could just use and dump but they did not think so. And they facesat on him and humiliated him cruelly, something he had never experienced before. He was nipple tortured and choked a little until he shit his pants before they let him go.

Mistress Jenny-Nina does not like the company of boring people and this guy was one. She had to make him stay away from her and he did after she turned him into an entertainment source for her. She had fun at his expense and that is how he learned that he had bored her to death and her only recourse was to humiliate and facesit on him so as to have fun.

Mistress Lola was horny and she wanted to use this guy to cum despite the fact that she did not want to fuck him. So she did what she does best and she used her facesitting fetish to deal with him. The mistress is hot and it was easy for her to turn him on then she played with his dick as she rode his face. She wiggled her ass and rubbed her clit on his face until she came.

When this guy catcalled goddess Vanny, he did not know what kind of shit he had gotten himself into. She did not appreciate such behaviors and she punished him as a result. That is what made her choose to degrade him with facesitting. She sat on his face and she even farted on him. He had to lick and smell her ass through her jeans before she let him go.

This mistress wanted to prove her boyfriend wrong that she could use her ass to punish. He was skeptical so she tested the theory on him. The mistress got him to lie down and she ass crushed him. She also farted on his face and did other cruel and crazy things to him. He agreed with her that an ass could be a potent weapon if one needed it to be.

Goddess Vanny was planning a wedding and he wanted things to go according to plan. But she knew her boyfriend liked to start trouble often and that is what she did not want. The mistress told him how she wanted him to conduct himself. She facesat on him with her jeans to show him how serious she was so that he did not do anything she did not approve of.

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