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Mizz Thyck wanted this guy to pay her what he owed her. But he did not want to do so and she was tired of always asking for her money. So she chose to dominate this guy with her ass and she did it by facesitting on him and smothering his face. In the process, she choked him and that was when he realized he had to pay her back.

Mistress Lola felt that her cousin needed to be facesat on and she did it without thinking twice. The cousin was taken by surprise and wondered what he had done to warrant that. He was naked on his bed when she went to facesit on him. She was shocked to find out that he had a small dick. But she came as she rubbed her clit and pussy on his face

Mistress Medea felt that the best thing to do to this loser was to shut him up. She was tired and she felt that she did not want to do anything that took up a lot of her time. So the mistress chose to use her facesitting fetish t deal with him and by the time she was done ass smothering him, she was sure he would never repeat his mistake.

Goddess Kiffa knew that she did not want a troublesome person near her and yet this girl was. She had to find a way to deal with the girl and she did it with her facesitting fetish. The mistress laughed at the girl as she cried and even peed her pants. She was begging her for mercy but the mistress ignored her since she had to learn not to be troublesome.

Princess Natalie was interested in dominating her boyfriend as he had pissed her off. She used her hot ass to dominate him and she rubbed her pussy as well as her clit on his face until she came. He was turned on by what she did but the mistress left him high and dry. The mistress even tied his hands so that he would not jerk off and satisfy himself.

Mistress Bella was not impressed with her trainee. She was his gym trainer and she had to make sure he learned as much as he could and that he kept up with her pace. He was lazy and weak and that is why she had to make him change. And she started by making him lie down and choke him with her hot ass which was also sweaty and a little smelly.

Lady Zora has a beautiful ass and she has no problem using it to get what she wants. And today she noticed this guy checking out her hot ass yet it was him who had what she wanted. So she used it to tease him and even introduced him to facesitting fetish which he loved before she got him to do what she wanted without him knowing that she was using him.

Mistress Bertie felt that she had to use a different method to punish this loser as he had gotten used to most of her punishment methods. She did not have to think about it too much as she found out about facesitting and she chose to use it. She ass smothered his face by sitting on it and she choked him in the process as he could not breathe properly.

These naughty lesbians wanted to torture this guy both sexually as well as physically. So they facesat on him and as they humiliated and smothered him while facesitting on him, they also made out and he was torn between how sexy they looked as they did it and how much pain he was in as they facesat on him. When they were ready to go to the next level, they chased him away.

Mistress Sam loves to have fun at the expense of guys who are losers. She prefers them because they do anything and everything the way she wants. This new slave tried to question things and especially her and when he did, she hit the roof. She got on top of his and she forced him to lick and smell her ass. The poor guy did but he learned his lesson.

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