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Mistress Van Licks is good when it comes to torturing people. She did it in the woods with the help of her friends. They all had a great time doing it as the losers had to give them the info they sought as well as explain why they had behaved the way they had. The scared guys cooperated with the mistresses even though they were humiliated, scared and degraded cruelly.

Mistress Adrianna did not want the silent treatment that her boyfriend was giving her. She had tolerated that behavior long enough and she was not going to do it again. That is why she opted to punish him so that he learned that that was not the best way to handle issues. She did it by cruelly facesitting and choking him with her ass. It was both humiliating and painful for him.

Since she did not like to masturbate, this mistress knew that the best way to have her bean flicked and to get a quick orgasm was to use her facesitting fetish on her slave. She did not need a reason but she made it look like it was something her slave had done. She did not even let him talk as she did not want him to realize she had no reason to do it. She quickly facesat on him and she rubbed her clit against his face and came.

Lady Victoria felt that this guy was too shifty for her liking and she had to punish him for what he had done. She chose to use her facesitting fetish to punish him and he had no choice but to endure all that she did to him. The poor guy had to smell her ass as well as her farts and he also had to endure it when she squeezed his balls.

Lady Victoria did not want an argumentative slave. But he was a hard worker and she did not want to lose that about him. All she had to do was to make sure that he changed and stopped arguing with her by knowing his place in her house. So she taught it to him by facesitting on him and smothering him with her ass. As he choked, he realized he had to stop arguing with his boss.

Mistress Enola was pissed at what this guy had done to him and she felt that it was important for her to choke him, which she did by facesitting him. The mistress cruelly did it and only stopped long enough for him to gasp for air before she did it again. He nearly shit his pants as the mistress did this to him. He wished he had never pissed her off.

Mistress Angela has a hot ass and she knows it. She used it to entice this guy and when she had him where she wanted, she chose to facesit on him as well as to torture him. The guy was shocked at what she did to him but he could do nothing about it. And when she told him why she was punishing him, he knew he had to change and he did.

Lady Victoria and her friend mistress Liza did not like how this guy treated them just because he was rich. He felt that they were tools he could just use and dump but they did not think so. And they facesat on him and humiliated him cruelly, something he had never experienced before. He was nipple tortured and choked a little until he shit his pants before they let him go.

This guy talked a lot and being a loudmouth, he was bound to say the wrong thing and today he did. He pissed off this mistress and she had to do something about it and she did. The mistress ensured that the guy licked as well as smelled her ass as she facesat on him. That is when he knew that he had no choice but to change his ways.

This mistress hates insubordinate slaves. And she had to find how to deal with this one because he had gone overboard. She had tried to look the other way but instead of him learning and changing, he was emboldened. And so she resorted to punishing him and teaching him a lesson he had never forgotten. She facesat on him, choked him and had him smell her farts. He was never insubordinate again.

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