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This guy wanted to treat queen Hanna but he did not have money. She knew his kind and she was sure that she would have a good time but would end up spending her own money. So she wanted to find out whether he had the money first and she realized he did not and so she facesat on him and humiliated him to teach him a lesson. She did not go out with him.

Mistress Tink and her friends mistress Cassie and mistress April had a score to settle with this guy. He had to be punished because he had reneged on his pledge and promises and the mistresses did not want to encourage that behavior. That is why they chose to force him to meet his pledge. The mistresses facesat on the guy and smothered him to a point of nearly choking him.

This guy was told what to do and how to do it but he did not like following instructions which pissed off this mistress. She felt that it was up to her to uproot those horns and she did it with her ass as she facesat him. He choked a little and he panicked. But that was important as it helped him change and stop disregarding instructions from the mistress.

Goddess Fiona could see that this guy needed some uplifting. He seemed down and she felt pity for him and she gave him some encouraging words. She noticed how he was looking at her ass and she used it to facesit on him not to punish him, but so he could get a smell and a feel of it even though he would not get the chance to sleep with her. She was out of his league but she did it to motivate him.

This guy lied to mistress Madison and she was angry at him. She wanted him punished since she was not going to forgive him. The mistress prefers to get even than to get mad and today she chose to facesit on this guy so as to teach him a lesson. The mistress choked the guy as she sat on his face and she made him never want to mess with her again.

These mistresses wanted to have a threesome with this guy. They were excited about it and so was he. But when the material day came, they had fun turning him on and wanted to suck his dick when they found out he had a small dick. They were so disappointed in him and he had to be punished for raising their hopes for nothing. They facesat on him and choked him as punishment.

Princess Serena loves to make guys submit to her will and this slave had tried not to do that. He tried to resist and what he did not know was that he had dug his own grave. She used her facesitting prowess to teach him a lesson. She tied him up and after that she smothered his face as he lay there helpless. He could not move or even say a word.

Princess Serena did not like this guy. He had a bad vibe about him and she wanted him to stop trying to spend time with her. She told him off politely but he did not heed her call. She chose to teach him a lesson in a way he would under better. She did this by crushing and facesitting his face with her ass in jeans. The pain made him understand her better.

Lady Morgana was asked by a friend to help her get back a debt she was owed by a loser. The mistress agreed since she did not have anything better to do. The mistress went ahead and facesat on the guy and she choked him a little bit. He was scared shitless and he feared what she would do to him if he did not pay back the debt so he paid.

Princess Serena was tired of arguing with this loser. She wanted to dominate him and she felt that facesitting on him would be the best way to punish him. So she got him to lie down and she ass smothered him. She got him to choke as she covered his face with her ass and she even farted on him for good measure. He was both humiliated and turned on as he could also smell her pussy.

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