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Mistress Van Licks and her friend mistress Kim had a landlord who was into them and wanted to have fun with them. He loved how naughty, sexy and outgoing they were. The mistresses knew this and they decided to take advantage of him. So they turned him into their plaything and had fun facesitting him while they were wearing bikinis. He loved what they did to him even though they did not let him smash. They also had their rent waived many times.

Mistress Zora was fed up with how much this guy talked. He often talked too much and that is why she had to make sure that this guy stopped it. He had not been listening to her before but now she wanted him to know that he had to stop the kind of nonsense he did. So she went out of her way to force him to endure her facesitting.

This guy was too timid according to mistress Vee and that had to be sorted out. The mistress chose to make the guy learn his lesson and do things her way. That is why she opted to facesit him and choke him in the process. He cried and tried to beg for mercy but she was not interested in listening to anything he had to say. He had to get the full dose of the punishment so that he stopped being timid.

This slave was a pervert as he smelled his mistress' panties. He did it a few times before he was caught and when these mistresses caught him, he had to get the punishment which was commensurate with the crimes he had committed. That is why the mistresses trampled the shit out of him as well as choked him a little to punish him for all that he had done. He never did it again.

Missy Van Licks is great at humiliating people that her friends mistress BlackDiamoond and lady Adora wanted her help in punishing and torturing these guys. She agreed and advised them to take the guys to the woods and from there, the mistresses had fun facesitting, choking and humiliating the guys. The guys hardly got time to rest as the mistresses did crazy, humiliating and painful things to them at the direction of missy Van Licks.

Mistress Nica wanted to dominate and humiliate her stylist as he seemed to have lost his sense of style and he was not as good or as effective as he used to be. The mistress had to humiliate and dominate him when she realized he did not seem to realize that things were going backward instead of forward and that he was losing his touch. Facesitting on him seemed to reboot him.

Lady Rockabella knew that this guy was rude and he deserved to be punished. He looked down on others and thought he was better than everyone but he was not. So the mistress lured him to her house and he went as he thought she would be an easy lay. But he was shocked when she facesat on him and humiliated him before she chased him out of her house.

Lady Zora has a beautiful ass and she has no problem using it to get what she wants. And today she noticed this guy checking out her hot ass yet it was him who had what she wanted. So she used it to tease him and even introduced him to facesitting fetish which he loved before she got him to do what she wanted without him knowing that she was using him.

These mistresses trampled this guy with their high heels and it was painful for him. But they were not satisfied with the punishment he had gotten. That is why they chose to faccesit on him. They farted on him in the process as the goal was to choke him. They degraded the guy and by the time they were done with him, they knew he would never go anywhere near them or even attempt to piss them off.

This guy refused to talk when this mistress asked him some questions. She was offended at what he did and she came up with what she considered an appropriate response. It was cruel and she did not care what he felt. The mistress facesat on him and she choked him. And from that, he got scared and he learned what she wanted and he did it to avoid another humiliation.

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