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Mistress Dana has a big ass and this guy had a thing for it. He wanted to play with it but the mistress did not want that to happen. So instead of what he wanted, the mistress turned on him and she made him a facesitting slave. He had to lick and smell her big ass. He had no choice but to do what she wanted despite it being humiliating.

Mistress Jane found this guy to be obnoxious and she did not want to deal with him. She chose to have him lie down and endure facesitting from her. She was wearing jeans which made it harder for him but there was nothing he could do about it and he had to endure it all. He had to promise her that he would change for her to stop what she was doing to him.

This mistress values her time and when this guy was late to a meeting they had agreed on a week before, she had to find a way to deal with him and that is why she chose to facesit him. It was to both humiliate him as well as make him feel pain and by the time she was done with him, she had managed to do both and had fun while doing it.

Mistress Sofi always tried to understand this slave but he did not do so. She chose to make this guy learn his lesson and he learned it when she used her ass and her feet to torture him. He was forced to lie down and she crushed his face with her ass. She was on head phones while watching the movie as she could not stop watching it for his sake.

This guy talked a lot and being a loudmouth, he was bound to say the wrong thing and today he did. He pissed off this mistress and she had to do something about it and she did. The mistress ensured that the guy licked as well as smelled her ass as she facesat on him. That is when he knew that he had no choice but to change his ways.

This mistress hates insubordinate slaves. And she had to find how to deal with this one because he had gone overboard. She had tried to look the other way but instead of him learning and changing, he was emboldened. And so she resorted to punishing him and teaching him a lesson he had never forgotten. She facesat on him, choked him and had him smell her farts. He was never insubordinate again.

This mistress felt that the best way to teach her boyfriend a lesson was to make sure that he was punished for what she considered wrongdoing on his part. He never helped around the house and he was always playing video games. So she used that to punish him. She facesat on him today as she played his video games and she let him choke a little. He became helpful after that punishment.

Goddess Nika set out to teach this guy a lesson he had never been taught befoe and she used her facesitting fetish to do so. He was in pain as she covered his face and he could not breathe properly. He cried and wished that he had never pissed her off but it was already too late and he had to deal with her punishment. The mistress farted on him for good measure.

Goddess Fiona could see that this guy needed some uplifting. He seemed down and she felt pity for him and she gave him some encouraging words. She noticed how he was looking at her ass and she used it to facesit on him not to punish him, but so he could get a smell and a feel of it even though he would not get the chance to sleep with her. She was out of his league but she did it to motivate him.

Princess Natalie summoned her slave to her bedroom and she spent a significant amount of time punishing him for being untidy. She wanted him to check out how well kept her bedroom was and he was supposed to go and dot he same to his room. And to make sure he did, she facesat on him and humiliated him a little bit. He did not want a repeat of it so he did.

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