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Mistress Ariel needed to tease her sugar daddy for fun and in order to make him agree to do the things that she wanted. She knew that the best way to make him do so was to have him entertained and having fun. The mistress knew how he had a thing for her and how he loved her hot body. That is why she used her body to tease him and facesit bit. Needless to say, she got what she wanted.

Princess Ciara wanted to blow the mind of this guy while also having fun herself so she teased him and had him undress and she did the same. She then had him lie down and she got on top of him and she facesat on him while at the same time giving him a blowjob he had never gotten before. He loved what she did to him and he licked her pussy well even as she facesat on him.

Mistress Bertie felt that she had to use a different method to punish this loser as he had gotten used to most of her punishment methods. She did not have to think about it too much as she found out about facesitting and she chose to use it. She ass smothered his face by sitting on it and she choked him in the process as he could not breathe properly.

Lady Betty came home from work and found her slave had not prepared dinner like she had instructed him. She was pissed and she went to his room where he was sleeping and she woke him up, tied him up and she facesat on him. She choked him with her ass as she sat on his face. She wanted to send a message that she would not tolerate such behavior again.

Princess Smiley was horny and she knew this guy had a small dick s she knew she was not going to fuck him as that would lead to disappointment. She wanted to cum but not through penetration. She made him lie down and she facesat on him. She played with her clit using his face and she gave him instructions on what to do until she came and explosively so.

This mistress was not happy with how rude her slave was. She could not stay with a rude slave and she had to do something about it. She facesat on him as punishment and even though he did not see it as a punishment at first, he realized it was a cruel one as she choked him when she facesat on him. She also made him feel pain with her facesitting.

Madame Marissa and her boyfriend agreed that their sexual life was getting boring. They had to do something to make it interesting again. They spoke at length and agreed to try some kinks. Today they were trying facesitting. She went first. She facesat on him seductively and rubbed her ass on his face. She did it as if she was riding his dick and he loved it too although it was a bit painful at times.

Mistress Sabrina went to this mechanic to have her car repaired. But the guy thought she was like many other mistresses and that she did not know much about cars. He tried to con her, but she knew what was wrong and how it had to be addressed. She even knew how much it would cost to fix it. When he tried to con her, she used her jeans to facesit on him and humiliate with her sexy ass. He learned his lesson.

Madame Marissa was not in the mood to talk to anyone. She came back home pissed and her slave did not realize she was mad. So he did not let her be. He kept going to her with lots of issues and she snapped. She facesat on him and she made him lick as well as smell her ass. She choked him while facesitting on him and that was when it hit him that she was not in a good mood.

This mistress knew what to do to her slave to get him to learn a lesson. She had tried to tell him what to do but he did not seem to understand her. She had to change tact and she used her ass to send the message. She facesat on him and she had him smell her ass as well as smell her farts. That did the trick and he did what she wanted.

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