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Katja has caught another slave to face sit on. This time she has taken her fetish or addiction to another level. While she is facesitting on him she is taking his arms and biting on them releasing her stressful day. She doesn't break the skin but she does leave red marks up and down his arm.

Mistress Katja and her dominatrix in training, Ljuba, decide to humiliate their useless ass worshiping slave utilizing their brand new smother box that they have been dying to use! They waste no time lowering their full weight down onto their low life less than human maggot of a sub, as they are only worried about their own comfort as they take a rest on his ugly sub face! They know full well he is in massive pain from their skin-tight jeans but really they could give a damn as long he can show his true dedication by taking this extreme smothering!

This fan has always been sending Mistress Katja messages about how sexy her ass is, so she has decided to give him a real treat: taping closed his mouth and then lowering her pretty ass in a pair of white jeans down onto his face. The perfect ass cheeks of this Russian mistress smother his nose and he groans in delight as all he can breathe is the smell of her butt.

Mistress Katja is playing with her new i Pad as her ass slave blends in with the furniture while she uses her full weight to sit on his face smothering him with her jean covered ass. She loves humiliating her slave as she forces him to smell her sweaty ass as she uses her full weight to facesit on her slave laughing in his face at how pathetic he is.

Mistress Katja ordered her slave to kneel down in front of her makeup mirror. She immediately sits down on his face with her jeans-covered ass. The hard fabric of the jeans trousers nearly crush the slave's nose and the full weight of his mistress pushes his head back with so much force that he's afraid his neck might break! But Katja doesn't care about his pain and fear - it's just so damn comfy for her!

After her workout Mistress Katja needs some easing of tension. With his head on a workout bench her slave is already awaiting to offer his face to her as a cushion. By sitting down she is smothering him with her sweaty ass. Then she orders him on the floor and smothers him again, only this time with her full body weight until he is struggling under her from lack of oxygen.

Cowboy Mistress Katja has bound up her slaves hands. Now she put him on her sofa and calls a girlfriend. The talk about anything while she sits on her slaves face with her sexy tight jeans. He groans and tries to free himself but it's a helpless situation with no escape for him...

Mistress Katja wants to train her slave to endure longer facesitting sessions and she picked her brand new - extra hard - jeans to test him! She places her ass in skin-tight jeans right on his nose and doesn't care about his whining. She even extends her legs to apply even more weight to his face and is amused by his pain.

Mistress Katja prepares herself for the next shooting. But it won't be the legendary Katja we are talking about if she would not do anything special to get the attention of any viewer! In this clip she proves that she can even enslave someone with her sexy ass while she prepares herself. She simply bound that poor guy to her chair and sat on his face...

Mistress Katja is very creative by inventing new methods to torture her slaves. This time she gets in her pool with her Jeans on - as she gets out of it she smothers her slave who is bound up with a garden tube. He isn't able to breathe and Katja is really laughing at her weak pathetic slave...

Mistress Katja bound her slave and fixed him on a chair as retribution for not cleaning the house well. His mouth is taped and he isn't able to speak or to resist her - so she takes place on his face with her sexy tight blue jeans and smothers him with much pleasure. While he is trying to breathe she works on a computer and surfs in the internet...

Katja smothers her slave under her worn stinky jeans. She puts them right on his face and has a nice seat on him. His whole head is covered by her jeans and she sits on him with her full weight while she laughs and taunts on him. He isn't able to resist her and has to take it all...

Mistress Katja has a really great idea to torture her tied up slave. She gets into her pool with her really tigh jeans on. After that she gets out to smother her slave with her wet jeans-ass. The slave struggles and tries to escape her but isn't able to resist her! He is frightened to be drowning under her wet ass...

Mistress Katja really enjoys her new property: a human seat! She bound his hands together and takes place on his face with her white skintight jeans. She laughs and humiliates her victim as she turns around to try different positions to find the most pleasant way to sit...

Don't you just love the view of a sexy young mistress sitting on your face? And you love Jeans too? Well then this clip will be totally your taste! Mistress Katja's wearing a tight pair of dark blue jeans and sits down right on your face. The whole clip she verbally humiliates you for just being a beautiful chicks ass cushion as you're not able to give more to a woman!

Mistress Katja sits down on her pathetic slave's face wearing her skin tight jeans. He should've cleaned up the cellar but this lazy bitch isn't finished when Katja arrives - of course he needs to be punished for this failure! She smothers him completely under her sexy ass and when he screams that he's afraid that his nose will break under the hard jeans she's just like "What do i care about your nose" and drops her butt on his face again.

Look at this pathetic weakling! He has not done my homework for today - and do you know what I do to my slave if he disappoints me? Right: I'm going to punish him. This time I simply got this sicko to the toilet, jeans sitting his loser face. I also slap him a few times, just to show him who is in charge! I flushed the toilet while pushing his dickhead into it. I think he learned his lesson because next time I will make him lick the toilet while using it!

Mistress Katja has her slave tied up on a bench in her dungeon and smothers him under her sexy ass covered with nothing but panties. She sits on this loser with her full weight while making fun of his pathetic existence.

This guy failed to clean up the garage as his mistress Katja demanded, so she decides to punish him by flattening his face under her sexy jeans ass. She sits down on his face with her full-weight - crushing his face slowly under the hard jeans!

Mistress Katja is preparing herself for a party later this evening. Of course a goddess like her does not need to sit down on a hard chair - that's what slave's faces are there for. So she orders one of her slave's to lie his head on the chair and sits down on him with her hard jeans butt. He's completely smothered and his nose is nearly crushed under the full weight of his mistress.

The gorgeous Russian mistresses Katja and Lena chose a slave's face as an appropriate place for their smoking break. They order him to lie his face on the couch and take turns sitting on his face while the other one is kicking his body with her high heels. After a while they order him to lie down on the couch and sit on him together trying out different positions.

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