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Beautiful brunette Luciana looks sexy in her tight jeans and boots as she prepares for a facesitting session with her slave. She orders him to lie down and tells him she just wants him to smell her ass. She sits right down on his face and starts pushing down with her full weight. Her jeans ass and pussy cover his mouth and nose and starts to smother. She just wiggles her ass around.

Latoya is a hot and sexy lesbian who likes to play with her girlfriend Attika, but she likes to play rough. Her idea of playing is completely dominating and humiliating her girlfriend every chance she gets. They are both in tight jeans as Latoya rides Attika then makes her lie back on the couch for some hot facesitting. Her jeans ass presses down on her face and starts to smother her.

Very cute blonde Jana in tight and sexy jeans ties up her slave and lays him out on an ottoman for some brutal facesitting. He lies there helpless while she sits down hard on his face and even lifts her feet up in the air so she can sit on his face with her full weight and smother him with her jeans ass. She sits down hard and inflicts pain on her slave.

Chanel made her slave pick up a copy of Call of Duty and made him think he was going to play it but she takes the remote away from him and makes him submit to humiliating facesitting while she plays the game herself. He smothers under her sexy jeans ass while she laughs at his humiliation and rides him like a horse with her full weight while she plays her new video game.

Miranda is a hot Asian lesbian who has a mean girlfriend Anita. When Miranda gets out of line, Anita dominates her and wrestles her into submission. She slaps her around and smacks her jeans ass until she submits to her domination then makes her lick her pussy through her sexy tight jeans. She then lays her down and humps her like a man to show complete domination over her girlfriend.

Mistress Saskia is a sexy and super dominant mistress who loves to show her loser slave who is really the boss. She has him lay on the floor and she takes her sexy jeans ass and pussy and use it to smother her face. She sits on his face with her full weight pressing down on her jeans ass. She smothers his mouth and nose with her jeans ass and does not let him have any fresh air.

Cowboy Mistress Katja has bound up her slaves hands. Now she put him on her sofa and calls a girlfriend. The talk about anything while she sits on her slaves face with her sexy tight jeans. He groans and tries to free himself but it's a helpless situation with no escape for him...

That's absolutely right - your face is mistress sexy Sue-X's new cushion and there's nothing you can do about it. Since she put your sorry ass on the sofa she has a nice and comfortable seat on your face with her tight blue jeans. There is no escape and she forces you to breath her sexy smelly butt scent...

Mistress Lady Sue's new jeans needs to be sat in. What else would be better to sit in a new extra tight blue jeans than just the face of an ugly slave? Nothing! So he is made to lay on his back on the ground next to her feet so she can sit on his face very easily. She smother him and rubs her sexy ass all over his face...

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