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Mistress Dana has a big ass and this guy had a thing for it. He wanted to play with it but the mistress did not want that to happen. So instead of what he wanted, the mistress turned on him and she made him a facesitting slave. He had to lick and smell her big ass. He had no choice but to do what she wanted despite it being humiliating.

Mistress Dana felt that the best thing to do to this guy was to humiliate him with her ass. He was not her favorite and she did not feel anything as she humiliated him. He was facesat on by the mistress and he regretted why he had pissed her off. The mistress enjoyed torturing him and as he cried and tried to beg her to stop, she just laughed at him and continued facesitting him.

Mistress Dana wanted to get to know the secrets that this guy had. She tried to sweettalk him but it did not help. She knew that it was time for her to try something different and that is when she chose to take advantage of her hot ass and tease him before smothering him. As the mistress facesat on him, he talked because he thought she would let him choke.

Mistress Dana loves to do crazy things to people especially to losers. That is what she did today as she spread her butt cheeks and she made this loser bury his face in her ass. In addition, she sat on his face and had him smell her stinky ass and she ordered him to lick her butt crack. He was so scared of her that he did what she asked him to do.

Mistress Dana wanted to facesit on this guy. But she knew he was not very gullible and she had to find a way to make not see it coming. So the mistress got the loser to turned on as she used her sexy ass to tease him. He was then able to do all the things she wanted to him including facesitting on him which was what she had wanted to do to him from the beginning.

Mistress Dana is blessed with an ass that is out of this world. And today the mistress used her big ass to dominate and have fun at the expense of this loser. She teased him with her ass and he took the bait. She then took advantage of him and she made him eat her ass. She then farted on him when she felt she had had enough of him.

Mistress Dana is a sexy girl. And she loves it like that. She knows how to tease and to tantalize, which is what she was planning to do today. She has a gorgeous ass and a great pair of tits. She wore a sexy lingerie and she used it to tease this loser who had no chance of fucking her. She did it for the sake of it and because she could.

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