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Madame Marissa was out to torture this guy and she did it with her jeans as she facesat on him. He wished he had never pissed her off but there was nothing he could do about it. The mistress facesat on him with her denim on and he was in the pain of a lifetime as she wigged her ass on his face to make it even more painful than it already was.

Madame Marissa wanted this guy never to do what he had done again and that is why she chose to humiliate him and also do it in a painful manner. So the mistress turned to her giant ass to do it and he was shocked at the length she was willing to go to punish him and that is when he realized she was not the kind of person to be messed with.

Madame Marissa felt that this guy was too talkative. He talked too much but he did not make much sense. She felt that it was noise and she was fed up with it. That is why she chose to use her pain to dominate as well as to humiliate him. He was facesat on and his mouth closed as a result. Along with it came pain and humiliation which taught him a lesson.

Madame Marissa and her boyfriend are a playful lot. They like to play all manner of games and today the two of them chose to try a game in which the winner would do whatever he or she felt to the loser. Madame Marissa won and she chose to facesit on her man. He had to endure the humiliation as well as the choking that came with her facesitting him.

Madame Marissa has a big ass and her boyfriend loves it when she facesits on him. He loves it when she is able to wiggle her ass on him and to do naughty things on him. But today he pissed her off and she used the fact that he loved her ass to punish him. The mistress facesat on him with her jeans and she made it painful like he had never experienced before.

Madame Marissa had caught her slave checking out her ass and she did not like it. She had to make him stop looking at her ass and the best way she felt she could do this was to facesit on him. The mistress pretended to tease him and when she had succeeded to lure him and get him to believe she was teasing him, she facesat on him and told him why she was doing it. She also warned him not to do it again.

Madame Marissa's husband wanted them to spice things up in the bedroom so she asked him what he had in mind and he suggested that they try domination. He wanted her to dominate him and also introduce a little pain as he had heard that it was sexy when incorporated in tiny amounts. So she got down to work and she facesat on him as she had seen on the internet. She rubbed her pussy against his face and became wet and she used jeans to make it a bit painful for him. They both had a great time and were turned on greatly.

Madame Marissa has a nice ass and she knows guys love it. This guy also loved it and he wanted to tap it. He had been playing his cards right and the mistress was in the mood for some naughty things with him. But at the last minute, he pissed her off and she turned from being in the mood to humiliating him using her facesitting fetish. She choked him with her jeans as she facesat on him.

Madame Marissa was not amused to learn that this loser had been bad-mouthing her. She had to put an end to it and she did it as cruelly as she could. She made the bitch lie down on the sofa and she crushed her face with her ass. She facesat on her cruelly and she nearly choked her as she did. She had a great time doing it and by the time she was done, she knew she would not make that mistake again.

Madame Marissa noticed that her slave was growing lazier and she did not want it to go on. She had to do something and after much thought, she chose to facesit on him. The mistress read a book while ass smothering him and she laughed at how he begged her to forgive him. Madame Marissa told him it was up to him whether he would be tortured again or not.

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