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Mistress Van Licks and her friend mistress Kim had a landlord who was into them and wanted to have fun with them. He loved how naughty, sexy and outgoing they were. The mistresses knew this and they decided to take advantage of him. So they turned him into their plaything and had fun facesitting him while they were wearing bikinis. He loved what they did to him even though they did not let him smash. They also had their rent waived many times.

Princess Natalie had an issue with her friend because he did not stand up for her. She felt that it was betrayal and when he tried to ask her how she was doing, she facesat him out of anger. The mistress had half a mind to chase him away and never be friends with him again after what he had done but she decided to give it more thought first.

Mistress Jardena was disappointed in her slave as he liked to use technicalities with her such as bending the truth a little but making sure it was not an outright lie so that he had some leg to stand on. She hated that behavior and wanted him to be forthright with her and so she used her ass to smother and degrade him so that he stopped. She also trampled him with her heels.

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