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Lady Naomi wanted this guy to lick her pussy but he was dragging his feet in doing it and that was not ok with her. So she took matters into her own hands and she smothered him by facesitting him. He was forced to lick her feet as she rubbed her clit and her pussy against his face and especially his mouth. She had a great time and she even had an orgasm.

Lady Naomi is the kind of person who does not tolerate any nonsense. When she noticed that this guy was nonsensical, she had to dominate him and she did this with her facesitting fetish and he could not breathe properly as she facesat him. He could not believe what she had done to him but he never forgot it either as it was cruel and he nearly choked as she did it.

Lady Naomi wanted to show her friends how to facesit practically. She had told them the theoretical aspect of it but they were dying for the practical bit of it. She had told them it could be used for both pain and pleasure depending on what the end game was. So they were the ones to choose what they wanted to use it for. She had a loser who she practiced on as they watched, took notes and eventually tried it.

Lady Naomi felt that this guy had perverted tendencies and she wanted to put an end to them. She wanted to reform him but she had to make him fear her first. And to get that, she had to tie him down and then she spat on his face. He licked her spit involuntarily before she facesat on him and choked him with her ass as well as with her farts.

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