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When Cheyenne comes home, she strips down to her sexy underwear. She knows she has been wearing her lingerie all day but she doesn't care. She cuffs her slave and brings him into the living room. She puts him on the sofa and sits her ass on his face. As she is smothering him with her ass, she smokes a cigarette to relax and begin unwinding from a day of working.

Svenja enjoys a lot of things outside of her slaves. She loves collecting lingerie and when she gets a new set, she has to show it off. She is happy to lay her slave on the floor of her home and tie his hands. As soon as she has him tied, she puts her round ass in his face. She makes sure she forces him to smell her pussy and ass.

Mistress Nikki Nova and Lady Jordan Scott are wearing their lingerie as they are sitting both on their slave. He lays on the sofa as one girl is riding his face and the other one is sitting on his body to torture him. Both girls are looking very pleased and having a lot of fun to humiliate him...

Mistress Mya hasn't sat on someone's face before, so she must get used to the situation of having a slave who worships her in every thinkable position - even as seat. But she finds a quick entrance for this new situation and visibly likes it to have this guy tortured under her perfect panty-ass...

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