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Mistress Sam loves to have fun at the expense of guys who are losers. She prefers them because they do anything and everything the way she wants. This new slave tried to question things and especially her and when he did, she hit the roof. She got on top of his and she forced him to lick and smell her ass. The poor guy did but he learned his lesson.

When Xenia decides to take in a new slave, she knows what she will do to break them in. She calls them into her receiving room and orders them to sit with their head on her ottoman. She walks over dressed in fishnet thigh highs and a black thong set. She sits her thong split ass in his face and watches as he starts to turn red. When she is sure she has his attention, she gets up and allows him to breathe before she starts telling him his role.

She loves to play with her slaves when she punishes them. She straps her slave down and puts on her butterfly thong and bra. When she is ready to play, she is happy to put her ass in his face, sitting so that he can smell. When she has his gag in his mouth, she is happy to put her pussy in his face so that he can smell but not lick. She loves her cruel and kinky games.

After wrestling with her sexy slave, Andrea pinned him to the mat and enjoyed her victory. She put her thong split ass in his face and let her sweat run into his face. When she was done, she turned and put her pussy in his face so that she could cool down and savor how she feels about pinning him. She wants him to smell her pussy and taste her victory.

When Cheyenne comes home, she strips down to her sexy underwear. She knows she has been wearing her lingerie all day but she doesn't care. She cuffs her slave and brings him into the living room. She puts him on the sofa and sits her ass on his face. As she is smothering him with her ass, she smokes a cigarette to relax and begin unwinding from a day of working.

When Natasha has to work from home, she does it from the comfort of her home office. She has a great chair and cushion. As soon as she is ready to work, she has her slave lay his head down in the chair and she sits on it. She wiggles and rotates her thong covered pussy to get comfortable. Once she is comfortable, she starts to work on her projects.

July loves to work out. She knows that she will have to find a workout buddy to get the most out of it. She ties her slave to the workout bench for motivation. After she finished her workout, she was happy to sit her ass on his face. She knows that he will be smelling all of her sweat and funk. When she is tired of sitting on his face with her pants on, she takes them off and puts her sweaty ass all over his face, cutting off his breath.

Dominating Mistress has her favorite slave over for a fun afternoon of face sitting. She orders him on the floor and uses her full-weight to sit on his face. First she uses her ass then later even her pussy. Slowly rubbing it all over his face. This must be painful for this slave, but he has no choice but to accept it. This is what her Mistress does to him every time he comes over. So he better get used to it

Sibilla and Teodora enjoy going out for a hunt. They enjoy finding a weak woman and bringing her back to their lair. When these two vampy women get their new victim to their home, they put her on her back and start to sit their asses in her face. They raise their skirts over their thong split asses and sit on her. They don't care that she is begging them not to. They convert her with the smell of their sweaty asses.

When a facesitting mistress gets a new slave, she has to train them. She likes for him to know that every thing he does has a consequence and she shows him the consequences. As he lays under her special chair, she sits down in her pretty black thong and forces him to smell the odors of her ass. She sits, wiggles and changes position often so that he understands the error of his ways.

This lovely all in black babe has a surprise for her blonde haired boyfriend! Whether he likes the surprise or not is up to him, but he better show that he likes it or this babe might get angry! She forces her boyfriend to lie down on the rug on his back while she sits on his face forcing him to sniff her pussy and ass, she eventually leaves this poor man gasping for air!

This a/c repair man made a wise comment about the way Lady Cathy answered the door. She decides to show him how much joy she bring to all her Ass Slave Worshipers. Her thong panties show off her sexy sweaty ass as she smothers his face while sitting on him. He will now be obsessed with his new BBW Mistress after accepting that reverse face sitting brought on a full erection.

Mistress Mercedes likes her facesitting slaves obedient! hitching up her tiny black pencil skirt she orders him down to the ground , pulling up her tiny black thong between the cheeks of her sexy ass she lowers herself over his face. The humiliated ass slave begins to turn a shade of deep pink as she allows her weight to fall on him giving him a full weight facesitting experience, smothering him and forcing him to smell her ass, her latex booted legs either side of his face are all he can see in his peripheral vision.

Brutal and gorgeous Mistress Francesca is seen in this video gallery compilation of extreme face sitting and ass worship scenes totally humiliating and smothering her pathetic submissive Steve, who truth be told is enjoying every minute of his servitude to his superior goddess. Steve can barely breath and at times is not sure he will make it out alive but he knows this is his rightful place, underneath the superior Mistress Francesca!

This bitch is tattooed all over her body. She is wearing a headband, high heel shoes, plaid mini skirt, and a tiny black thong. The bbw beauty pulls off her skirt and sits on this guy's face reverse cowgirl, showing off her flawless, huge ass. She spins around and exposes her massive tits. She leans back and grinds her cunt against his face, still wearing a tight black thong.

Miss July is wearing a tight pink shirt that shows off her perfect tits. She is wearing a pink thong when she mistress sits on her slave's face. He is on an exercise ball when she sits on him reverse cowgirl. She starts to bounce on his face, but isn't stable enough. She turns around and forces his face into her pussy so he can smell her. She works her ass and pussy back and forth on his face.

This hot blonde is wearing a red shirt and black leggings. Her boyfriend is laying on the ground. She sits on his face in the reverse cowgirl position. He is handcuffed not. She puts her full-weight on him before she pulls her leggings off. She sits on his face again, grinding her black thong clad ass into his mouth and nose. He smells her, worshiping her ass. His mistress grinds her pussy and ass on his face.

BBW Ladys Cathy and Cora sit down to eat. Their slave already lies bound on the couch. The two don't even acknowledge him when they sit down on him with their full body weight. He can just lie there and be crushed under their combined weight. When he starts to protest, they take turns sitting either on his belly or on his face. The skinny bastard is hardly able to breathe. They then sit down on his face together, on one another's lap until he is smothered by them and his face is flattened.

Mercedes has wrapped one poor guy in plastic! Now that he is delivered to her she can torture and punish him however she likes. She first sits on his face with her sexy pantyhose. Then she takes them off to sit on him with her string ass. He is made to smell her butt all the time with no escape...

Mistress Melissa shows her slave what it really takes to be her personal ass butler. She makes him lay on the ground as she sits on his face with her sexy black string ass. She forces him to worship her ass and makes him smell it. While she does so she keeps humiliating him all the time.

Lady Amazon is one of the girls your mother always told you not to play with! This time she smother a slave. Well smothering is nothing new: if the slave can handle it - but that isn't fact this time. This woman is busty, bbw and very sexy. She makes him obey her and there is really no way out for him so he has got to do everything she wants while she puts her sexy ass right on his face...

Mistress Amrita has fought against her husband. The winner should be the slave of the other, that was the deal. The bad thing is that nobody could know that Amrita was that kind of strong. She beat and wrestled him down with no efforts. Now he has to be her slave for one week! His humiliation starts right after the fight as she sits on his face and makes him inhale her ass scent...

This dangerous Japanese beauty is much more sadistic than she looks like. In this clip she hand smothers her slave who is laying on the ground. She has a lot of fun controlling his breathings. Then she starts to choke him and visibly enjoys it. After he becomes boring to her she decides to cover his face with her beautiful sexy ass...

Mistress Melissa wears a very sexy red corset, shiny very tight leggings and high heeled boots. She looks really amazing. Her slave is fixed in the smother-box and waiting to be sat on by her. First she sits on him while wearing her sexy spandex, but later she pulls it down a bit to smother him with her sexy string ass...

Mistress Sierra is one of the greatest amazon mistresses ever. She sits with her entire 5 foot tall body on her helpless victim who is laying on the ground. Her sexy shaped ass fits perfect on his mouth and nose and makes him obey her as she deserves it. He fidgets and tries to escape but its senseless because the goddess keeps sitting on his face all the time and doesn't move one centimeter...

Mistress Cathy has one slave beaten and punished. Now he lays on the ground with his hands cuffed and helplessly delivered to her. She uses the chance to teach him the true way by smothering him with her sexy bbw string ass. She makes him breathe her woman scent and taunts him while she sits on his mouth and nose...

Ebony goddess mistress Spice has her slave right where she wants him - motionless and helpless laying on the bed. Now she can start her evil game! First she sits on his face and makes him inhale her woman scent. Then she smothers him with her perfect ass. The slave mumbles but isn't really able to free himself - so he has got to take all of the humiliating punishment...

Anne has wrestled and beaten down her slave. Now he is laying on the bed and winded while she plans to make him suffer. Quickly she sits on his face with her sexy thong-ass and smothers him! He is totally out of power and not able to help himself but letting her perform those evil torture on him...

Mistress Lady Cathy sometimes punishes her slaves without any cause. She just needs the feeling of having the power to do so whenever she just wants to. So this time she sits on her slaves face while wearing a very sexy string. Her bbw full weight ass is placed on his head and his face is covered completely making it impossible for him to escape or just to breathe...

Mistress Jasmina turns her slave into her very own cushion. She sits on his face with her very sexy and tight shiny leggings. Then she strips it down to make her slave smell her woman scent and ass. She wears a very hot string under the spandex. She keeps sitting on her slaves face all the time and enjoys her power over him...

In this clip mistress Melissa wears some extra nice red plateau shoes, a pair of nylons, a red string and a red corset. Her slave is ready to be used and laying on the ground. She laughs and has a nice seat on his face. He mumbles and it's hard for him to breathe - but she seems to enjoy smothering him like that...

One slave asked Mistress Krista to buy her worn smelly purple thong! Her answer was an invitation to fetch it personally. As he arrived she bound him up and punishes him for the barefacedness of asking her for worn strings. She performed face sittings on him and smothered him with her sexy purple string. He wasn't able to get away and smelled her as she commanded him...

...has to be punished and introduced into the life of a slave! So Mistress P. throws her slave on the bed, and tells him that he isn't allowed to move or otherwise she will whip him with her whip-tail. Next she shows him her perfect ass and simply takes place on his face to smother and facesit the poor guy.

Viktoria is a special stewardess with a special addiction. She loves to smother her friends after a long day with her smelly underwear. She makes them lay on the ground, then she lifts her sexy stewardess skirt to smother their faces with her cute string ass. She likes it to hear them smell and breathe between her legs...

Aline wear her ultra sexy bikini, combined with pantyhose and over-knee leather boots. While she sits on her slaves nose and mouth, making him smell and worship her, she whips him again and again! He cannot escape and isn't able to do anything since she chained his hands together. Nobody escapes the perfect butt of this devilish red-head...

Gina has tied her slave to a bed. His head is hooded with some cloth and she can torture him the way she wants! First she lets him smell her ass while having a nice seat on his face! Then she sits down to make him suck her nylon feet through the cloth. She also smothers him using her hands and controls his breathe with her soft hands!

BBW Lady Cathy is one of the most sexy BBWs ever! See her enjoying herself while flattening her slave with her sexy bbw-ass. She is just wearing lingerie! Dominance by nature - see her slave trying to escape her with no chance, bbw Cathy overwhelms him and makes him smell her panties...

The mistress has fixed her slaves head directly on a chair where he cannot escape her. She smiles and sits down on his face with her full bbw weight while she reads some magazines. She turns around and forces him to smell and worship her ass.

Mistress Kristina wears a sexy bikini and has her slave lying on the couch right under her ass. She smothers him and reduces his breathings by pressing her ass on his mouth and nose. He cannot free himself and he is totally advised on her mercy between her sexy legs...

Xenia comes right from her daily workout when she decides to ride the slave's face. First she sits down on him wearing her hot pants and smothers him under her sexy ass. Later she takes the hot pants off and facesits the loser wearing only her sexy thong.

Mistress Melissa wants to train her slave to endure longer facesitting sessions. She bound his whole body with duct tape so he's completely unable to move. She sits down on his face with her full-weight and makes absolutely sure to smother him completely under her sexy butt. Every time he starts moaning she'll stand up and trample him under her sexy high heel boots and nylon feet to punish him before she sits down on his face again.

Ewa is a real hottie from Poland and is sitting on this loser's face wearing sexy red lingerie. You can see how much she likes to feel his face under her sexy round bottom. She smothers him frontal as well as reserve and poses unbelievable sexy on his face.

Mistress Krista enjoys reading her magazine while sitting on her slave's face. She's only wearing a tiny thong and a corset and smothers her slave completely under her big and sexy ass. He can only hope that she only wants to read this magazine and no more!

Mature facesitting mistress Sina facesits her slave in the living room. She's wearing a red thong and red fishnets and looks totally gorgeous when she starts smothering him under her hot mature ass. She facesits him as well frontal as reverse and slaps his face when he moans too loud!

Jasmina surprises her boyfriend who is lying on the floor. She loves to sit on her friends faces and smother them - that's a kind of fetish for her. Its indifferently to her if her friend likes it that his face is used as seat by her. So she takes no consideration and puts her full weight sexy nylon ass on his mouth and nose, forcing him to smell her gorgeous ass!

Pro-Wrestler Kristina facesits a guy after he lost a wrestling match. She's wearing only a tiny Bikini and smothers him under her beautiful, well trained, body.

Dana, a really cute girl from Poland, makes her slave smell her sweaty ass after her workout. He has to smell the stinky panties that she wore for hours of workout!

Mercedes Rubino is wearing her sexy school girl outfit and one can almost think she's that cute innocent chick. But her slave will soon know she isn't! She sits down right on his face and smothers him under her sexy ass which is only covered by a tiny red thong!

Mistress Amrita, a professional wrestler from Japan, punishes her Slave by sitting on his face. She looks damn hot wearing her thong and high heel boots. Normally you could be really happy to lie below such a great body! But there is only one big problem: She won't let her slave breathe anymore...! She loosens her pussy and ass grasp from time to time - but only with one purpose: To extend the time she can play with her slave...!

Turkish mistress Ceylan is sitting on a slave's face wearing only a thong and smothers him under her hot ass. She enjoys riding his face and relaxes completely while sitting on his face!

Melissa hates her lazy employees and has her special tactics in training them to be hard working machines instead of lazy fucks. She smothers one of her employees in the office today. Placing this hot ass right on his face and making it impossible to breath for him! That'll probably teach him how she wants them to work!

Princess Jenny may look cute on first sight - but she's a really evil bitch. Today she wants to sit on YOUR face. She's only wearing a very tiny thong when her sexy butt comes down on your face, smothering you completely under her sexy butt so you can feel her whole weight on your face.

Brazil woman Debby smothers and dominates her slave in her red string! See her sitting right on his mouth and nose, making him smell her ass. He is not able to resist her, and she shows no mercy to him as she takes complete control over his breath.

Thong wearing mistress Mercedes totally humiliates her slave on the toilet. See her laughing as she sits right on his face and makes this sick loser smell her ass. No way to get out as she flushes the toilet while holding his head directly into it! You can see how amused she is. Great smother action right on the toilet.

Miss Jackson facesits her husband in the bathroom while she's preparing herself to go out tonight. Her slave's head is lying on the edge of the bathtub and gets his head compressed - captured between the hard surface and the ass of his wife mistress.

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