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This guy thought that he was macho and strong. He thought that he could do whatever he wanted. But this mistress showed him that that was not the case by facesitting him cruelly. He was shocked as he could not free himself from her. He cried and had to beg her to forgive him and also let him go. She eventually did when she felt that he was genuine in his remorse.

Lady Ayse did not like how this guy had pissed her off. She could not work with him any longer so she had to send a message to him that he had to go away. She did this by trampling him with her boots as well as smothering him with her ass. He was scared so he did all that she asked him to do and he did it all out of fear.

Goddess Stephanie had let this guy eat her pussy out but he did not do it as well as he had claimed he could and as she expected him to do. So she had to get involved. She facesat him and she rubbed her clit against his face. The mistress did this to choke him and to also satisfy herself. She was able to achieve both aims by the time she was done.

This mistress did not like the way this guy she was seeing was objectifying her. They had not even dated for long and he had already shown his true colors. She knew it was time to end the relationship but before she did, she ensured that she facesat on him and she dominated him with her ass as well as with her farts. He regretted what he had done but it was a little too late.

Mistress Angelina worked with this guy on a project but she soon found out that he was illogical and that made it hard to continue working with him. She was so pissed at him that she felt that the best thing to do to him was to choke him and punish him. So she facesat on him and she also whipped his balls and his dick to make it even more painful and humiliating.

Mistress Zephy had set out to punish this guy and she did it by facesitting on him. But she was also horny and since she was facesitting on him with her bare ass and pussy, his face touched her pussy and her clit and she got wet. He noticed and he ate her pussy and he let her. It was so good and he ate her like an expert and made her cum and that is how he stopped punishing her.

Empress Victoria wanted to teach this guy never to disobey her again. So she used her facesitting fetish to do it. She crushed him with her ass and she even went ahead to fart on him before she was done with him. He knew that she would not let him go if he did not apologize so he did so in order to avoid what she planned to do to him next.

Mistress Anastasia is a BBW mistress who loves to punish bigots. This guy was one and he had to be punished. Since no one had taken it upon themselves to teach him a lesson, she knew she had to do it. The mistress used her big ass to smother the shit out of him and as he choked, she knew that some sense was getting into him. She let him go when he shit himself.

These girls love to do crazy things for fun and today was one such day. The mistresses felt that the best way to deal with this guy today and for them to have maximum fun, was to tease him and then take advantage of him when he was turned on. The mistresses laughed at him as he tried to praise them so as to get forgiven. It did not work and he tried insults which did not work too. He had to endure it all.

Mizz Thyck wanted to torture this guy with her big ass and she felt that she needed the help of her equally BBW mistress. The two of them had a great time torturing the guy and forcing him to lick as well as smell their asses as well as their pussies. He was told that if he did not do what they wanted him to do, he would be made to endure worse than that.

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