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This BBW mistress felt that she had done all she could to improve communication in their relationship but her man did not do the same. She was pissed at what he did and she chose to facesit him as she played video games so that he would also learn his lesson. He learned it the hard way and he regretted why he had done that. He felt pain as she is a BBW.

Queen Hanna and mistress Jane wanted to degrade this guy for what he had done and they did it using their asses by facesitting him. He was invited to their house and he went thinking it was a social visit or for fun. But he got the shock of a lifetime when the mistresses forced him to lie down and proceeded to choke him with their asses as they facesat him.

This mistress was out to punish her husband because he had messed their money. They had saved money and he had spent some of it without consulting her. She did not like that and had to punish him. So she facesat on him and had him lick and smell her ass too. She did it to humiliate him and it was humiliating but she did not count on getting an orgasm.

Since she did not like to masturbate, this mistress knew that the best way to have her bean flicked and to get a quick orgasm was to use her facesitting fetish on her slave. She did not need a reason but she made it look like it was something her slave had done. She did not even let him talk as she did not want him to realize she had no reason to do it. She quickly facesat on him and she rubbed her clit against his face and came.

Mistress Angelina worked with this guy on a project but she soon found out that he was illogical and that made it hard to continue working with him. She was so pissed at him that she felt that the best thing to do to him was to choke him and punish him. So she facesat on him and she also whipped his balls and his dick to make it even more painful and humiliating.

Mistress Jardena wanted this guy to learn that she was not his average girl and that she was also not very predictable. He wanted to fuck her but she was not into him. Instead of that, she chose to make him cum in his own pants by having fun at his expense. She facesat on him and rubbed her clit on his face and also used a vibrator while facesitting him. He loved how she moaned and how she got wet and came that he also came on himself.

This Asian mistress wanted to make sure that her husband was as faithful as he could be and she made sure she gave him the cookie whenever he wanted it. But she was pissed when she realized that he did not get satisfied. He wanted to fuck all the time and that pissed her off as it seemed like the only thing he wanted to do. So she chose to facesit on him to make him find another positive way to pass time.

Mistress Anna was tired of how proud her boyfriend was and she felt that it was the negative kind and it would be a major hindrance for his progress. So she chose to use her facesitting fetish to punish him for his own good. As he choked, he realized that the mistress was serious and took her seriously from then on and he tried to take it down a notch.

Mizz Thyck wanted this guy to pay her what he owed her. But he did not want to do so and she was tired of always asking for her money. So she chose to dominate this guy with her ass and she did it by facesitting on him and smothering his face. In the process, she choked him and that was when he realized he had to pay her back.

This guy was a peeping tom and the mistress did not like it. She felt that he had to learn his manners and if he wanted her, he had to approach her like a normal guy. She facesat on him with her big ass, the same one he had been trying to check out from a distance without her knowing. He was made to lick it and smell it before being chased away.

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