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Mistress Kira and mistress Sofi had given this guy their car to use but he misused it and did not use it for the purposes for which he had borrowed it. The mistresses were pissed and they punished him for it. He had to learn that they would not tolerate such from him and so they facesat him in turns and enjoyed torturing him until he apologized and promised to make up for what he had done.

Mistress Sofi always tried to understand this slave but he did not do so. She chose to make this guy learn his lesson and he learned it when she used her ass and her feet to torture him. He was forced to lie down and she crushed his face with her ass. She was on head phones while watching the movie as she could not stop watching it for his sake.

Mistress Sofi had paid rent and asked her man to furnish the house but he had not done so. She was so pissed at him that she had to come up with a way for him to be punished. The mistress cruelly facesat him to ensure that he did so the next day. She did not want him to drag it out for her to do it and then pretend that he wanted to do it but she beat him to it.

Mistress Sofi does not need a major reason to punish anyone. She was bored today and that was enough for her to choose to facesit on this guy. She did it in a way he had never thought he would be humiliated and he feared her and he cooperated with her by doing all that she asked him. When she felt that it was enough for her, she let him go.

This guy tried to be defiant with princess Kira and she did not like it. She wanted to teach the guy never to defy her again and so she had to do it in a way he would never forget. That is how the guy found himself having to endure her facesitting as well as licking her ass and smelling her farts. He cried but she did not care about his cries.

Mistress Kira sat on the face of her boyfriend so that she would send a message to him. The mistress was not happy with him and she had to teach him how she wanted him to behave and specifically how he should help her at home. He was fond of just eating and playing video games. So she took the controllers from him and she played the games while facesitting on him.

Mistress Sofi wanted to dominate her condescending husband. She wanted him to change and since he did not change from talking to him, she had to do something different and that is why she chose to facesit on him. He was in a lot of pain as she cruelly tortured him with her ass. He was choking and he was farted on to the extent that he apologized and promised to change.

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