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Lady Melissa enjoys bondage and facesitting, when her humiliation slave is trussed up like a chicken there is nothing he can do to stop some of the cruel things her wicked mind can come up with. Smothering him with her sexy ass is her favorite pastime but today she feels like letting him experience a little breath play too and squeezes his nostrils together her delicate but firm hand covering his mouth. He is completely under his mistresses control and loving every second of it. She lowers her full weight onto his face and leans back her pretty eyes mocking him as she grinds her white cotton covered pussy over his nose and mouth.

This dangerous Japanese beauty is much more sadistic than she looks like. In this clip she hand smothers her slave who is laying on the ground. She has a lot of fun controlling his breathings. Then she starts to choke him and visibly enjoys it. After he becomes boring to her she decides to cover his face with her beautiful sexy ass...

Gina has tied her slave to a bed. His head is hooded with some cloth and she can torture him the way she wants! First she lets him smell her ass while having a nice seat on his face! Then she sits down to make him suck her nylon feet through the cloth. She also smothers him using her hands and controls his breathe with her soft hands!

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