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Let me take you into my office to wrestle you down, while smothering you with my Asian pussy covered by thongs. Get a full frontal face while sitting I put my full weight on your face. Then put it into reverse grinding my crotch in your face so you can smell my sweet juices. You can feel the pulsation of my pussy through my thongs, and worship my ass as it rest upon your nose.

Mistress Amrita has fought against her husband. The winner should be the slave of the other, that was the deal. The bad thing is that nobody could know that Amrita was that kind of strong. She beat and wrestled him down with no efforts. Now he has to be her slave for one week! His humiliation starts right after the fight as she sits on his face and makes him inhale her ass scent...

This dangerous Japanese beauty is much more sadistic than she looks like. In this clip she hand smothers her slave who is laying on the ground. She has a lot of fun controlling his breathings. Then she starts to choke him and visibly enjoys it. After he becomes boring to her she decides to cover his face with her beautiful sexy ass...

Mistress Amrita, a professional wrestler from Japan, punishes her Slave by sitting on his face. She looks damn hot wearing her thong and high heel boots. Normally you could be really happy to lie below such a great body! But there is only one big problem: She won't let her slave breathe anymore...! She loosens her pussy and ass grasp from time to time - but only with one purpose: To extend the time she can play with her slave...!

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