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Lay back while Lady Cathy lets you smell her sweaty BBW ass. You must worship this ass to get those covered up jeans off. If you look real close you can just about see her thongs. You will worship this chubby Mistress just feel the heat from her smell ass that is squeezing in these tight hot pants. I will put my full weight on you while crushing your neck.

Mistress Lady Jackson sits on her slaves face with her sexy bbw full-weight ass. Once her slave has been her husband but now he is just good enough to be her permanent cushion. That's the normal danger if a guy tells a woman about his fetishes - he has what he always wanted, but will also never get anything else anymore...

Miss Jackson knows how to deal with her husband who tried to cheat on her. She simply teaches him good mannors by facesitting him with her full weight. She wears a pink lingerie and sits on his face with her full bbw weight. He tries to breath but fails several times as she squishes his head under her heavy ass...

One slave asked Mistress Krista to buy her worn smelly purple thong! Her answer was an invitation to fetch it personally. As he arrived she bound him up and punishes him for the barefacedness of asking her for worn strings. She performed face sittings on him and smothered him with her sexy purple string. He wasn't able to get away and smelled her as she commanded him...

Krista loves to torture her slaves with her sexy jeans ass. In this clip she smothers one of them using her stretch jeans. She sits on his face in different positions and laughs at him as he tries to escape her! She shows no mercy as she full weight smothers his face.

Krista is a very creative Mistress. Where other woman see a normal slave, she sees a new personal seat! See her wearing some extra tight jeans she uses to smother her little servant. She tortures him, controls his breathe and makes him smell her ass while she laughs and humiliates him. What a lucky guy he is...

The mistress has fixed her slaves head directly on a chair where he cannot escape her. She smiles and sits down on his face with her full bbw weight while she reads some magazines. She turns around and forces him to smell and worship her ass.

Mistress Krista abuses her slaves faces as her personal seats. She wears extra tight blue jeans and sits on his face as if it would be a seat. He can hardly breathe, but she ignores him totally because he is just there to spend his face as her seat.

The bbw facesitting lady forces her new slave to get used to his new job: being a seat pad. She smothers him full-weight in her leopard bikini and makes this poor weakling smell her ass - and he isn't really able to resist her in any way. She enjoys her new comfortable seat and smiles.

There's is nothing better than reading a magazine while having your husband right where he belongs: under your ass! See me completely abusing him and turning him into my special furniture because that's what he deserves. I love the power to control his breath and this pervert pathetic just does what he can do best: smelling my ass!

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