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Miss Jackson is a hot BBW mistress in a pink thong who does not hesitate to punish her slaves with her massive ass. She gets in a reverse facesitting position on top of her slave and lowers her meaty ass down. His face is covered with fat ass and he starts to smother. He tries to get a breathe, but she just keeps sitting down on his face with her full weight.

Miss Lady Jackson's slave is laying on the sofa. She goes to him and turns around so that he can see her huge ass. Then she lowers it slowly until her bottom covers his whole sight. She smother him and makes him shut up. This procedure is repeated daily. But that's what he always wanted - to be a 24/7 slave...

Miss Jackson's new Skirt arrived. She has to test it on her slaves face immediately. So he is made to lay on the chair with his face right up being a nice cushion. She takes place on him and it feels great. Very comfy and very sexy. She knows that she will repeat this procedure about one thousand times - it's her fetish to have a guys face transformed into her living cushion...

Mistress Lady Jackson sits on her slaves face with her sexy bbw full-weight ass. Once her slave has been her husband but now he is just good enough to be her permanent cushion. That's the normal danger if a guy tells a woman about his fetishes - he has what he always wanted, but will also never get anything else anymore...

Miss Jackson knows how to deal with her husband who tried to cheat on her. She simply teaches him good mannors by facesitting him with her full weight. She wears a pink lingerie and sits on his face with her full bbw weight. He tries to breath but fails several times as she squishes his head under her heavy ass...

The mistress has fixed her slaves head directly on a chair where he cannot escape her. She smiles and sits down on his face with her full bbw weight while she reads some magazines. She turns around and forces him to smell and worship her ass.

The bbw facesitting lady forces her new slave to get used to his new job: being a seat pad. She smothers him full-weight in her leopard bikini and makes this poor weakling smell her ass - and he isn't really able to resist her in any way. She enjoys her new comfortable seat and smiles.

There's is nothing better than reading a magazine while having your husband right where he belongs: under your ass! See me completely abusing him and turning him into my special furniture because that's what he deserves. I love the power to control his breath and this pervert pathetic just does what he can do best: smelling my ass!

Miss Jackson facesits her husband in the bathroom while she's preparing herself to go out tonight. Her slave's head is lying on the edge of the bathtub and gets his head compressed - captured between the hard surface and the ass of his wife mistress.

Miss Jackson facesits her husband in the living room. She's wearing only her underwear and a pair of sexy high heeled boots when she orders his face on the office chair and sits down on him. Now it's time to enjoy her magazine - of course while she's still sitting on his face.

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