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Mistress Polina could not understand why her neighbor could be as stingy as he was and she was put off by it. She had to punish the guy and she did it with her ass. The mistress did it by facesitting him and making him cry as she sat on his face and also crushed his dick and balls with her hands. She had fun doing it but he was in pain.

These mistresses wanted to have a threesome with this guy. They were excited about it and so was he. But when the material day came, they had fun turning him on and wanted to suck his dick when they found out he had a small dick. They were so disappointed in him and he had to be punished for raising their hopes for nothing. They facesat on him and choked him as punishment.

This guy had lied to mistress Lana and mistress Maya that he was going to pay them back but he did not. They tried to follow him up but he lied to them all the time until they felt there was nothing they were going to believe from him anymore. So the mistresses ambushed him at his house and they did not care what he had to say. They just facesat on him until he gave them their money back.

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