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Mistress Kira and mistress Sofi had given this guy their car to use but he misused it and did not use it for the purposes for which he had borrowed it. The mistresses were pissed and they punished him for it. He had to learn that they would not tolerate such from him and so they facesat him in turns and enjoyed torturing him until he apologized and promised to make up for what he had done.

This guy lusted after this mistress. He fantasized about her a lot and he felt that he wanted to do many things to her. He went ahead to tell her all that and she did not like it. So she set him up and when he went to her house thinking that he would get some, he ended up being forced to endure being facesat on and choked a little.

Lady Annabelle had a slave who embarrassed her a lot and she did not want to be embarrassed again. So she sat down and came up with a way to deal with him so that he would never do any of that nonsense again. She choked him with her ass today as she read a book and she knew it would take time for him to get over what she had done to him.

Mistress Kitten was angered by this guy and she had to do something about it which she did using her big and sexy ass. She was wearing jeans as she did it and it made it even more painful. The guy wished he had not pissed her off as she made him endure facitting as well as having to carry her all over for almost an hour until his back nearly broke.

This guy lied to mistress Madison and she was angry at him. She wanted him punished since she was not going to forgive him. The mistress prefers to get even than to get mad and today she chose to facesit on this guy so as to teach him a lesson. The mistress choked the guy as she sat on his face and she made him never want to mess with her again.

Mistress Lisa wanted her husband to learn that she was not going to allow him to do whatever he wanted at her expense. She wanted him to learn to collaborate with her on things so she facesat him to pump some sense into his head. As she ass smothered him and crushed his head, he choked a little and he begged her to stop as he had learned his lesson.

Lady Rosalina did not want anyone who was an eavesdropper near her. This guy was and she did not think that he needed to be one so she taught him how not to be an eavesdropper. The mistress cruelly facesat on him and she choked him with her ass then she farted on him for good measure. He had no choice but to change and apologize for what he had done.

Lady Scarlet did not want her boyfriend being comfortable not trying new things. And so she made him try something new by facesitting on him. And she wiggled her ass on his face to excite him while she dominated him at the same time. It was fun for her and she could tell that it was also fun for him. And that is how he became a naughty person too.

Mistress Kira sat on the face of her boyfriend so that she would send a message to him. The mistress was not happy with him and she had to teach him how she wanted him to behave and specifically how he should help her at home. He was fond of just eating and playing video games. So she took the controllers from him and she played the games while facesitting on him.

This guy had lied to mistress Lana and mistress Maya that he was going to pay them back but he did not. They tried to follow him up but he lied to them all the time until they felt there was nothing they were going to believe from him anymore. So the mistresses ambushed him at his house and they did not care what he had to say. They just facesat on him until he gave them their money back.

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