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Mistress Aurora and her girlfriend wanted to try new things as they did not want to have a boring love life. So mistress Aurora asked her girlfriend to try facesitting fetish and she agreed. So the mistress made her girl lick her ass before she facesat her. Being dominated was a turn on for her and they both had a great time as they went about playing with each other.

This mistress had nothing to do with or say to her new slave so she asked her to lick her ass. She was very gorgeous and the mistress felt that she would be wasting the salve if she did not get her to do something else other than slave duties. That is how the mistress got her to eat her ass and even lick her ass when she was done.

This mistress was pissed that her husband could not satisfy her the way she wanted. So she turned to facesitting fetish to accomplish her aim. The mistress enjoyed wiggling her ass on his face and also rubbing her pussy and her clit on his face until she came. Then she left him bewildered and went to take a shower. She promised the same if he did not satisfy her next time.

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