Facesitting Queening - All about beautiful girls sitting on male faces

Lady Victoria felt that this guy was too shifty for her liking and she had to punish him for what he had done. She chose to use her facesitting fetish to punish him and he had no choice but to endure all that she did to him. The poor guy had to smell her ass as well as her farts and he also had to endure it when she squeezed his balls.

Mistress Jardena wanted this guy to learn that she was not his average girl and that she was also not very predictable. He wanted to fuck her but she was not into him. Instead of that, she chose to make him cum in his own pants by having fun at his expense. She facesat on him and rubbed her clit on his face and also used a vibrator while facesitting him. He loved how she moaned and how she got wet and came that he also came on himself.

When this guy conned these mistresses, they asked mistress Adora to help them punish this guy and she agreed. The mistresses had a great time punishing the guy by facesitting on him that they forgot why they were doing it in the first place as it had gotten interesting and they loved it. The guy had to bear the brunt of it all but he knew he deserved it so he did not complain.

This Asian mistress wanted to make sure that her husband was as faithful as he could be and she made sure she gave him the cookie whenever he wanted it. But she was pissed when she realized that he did not get satisfied. He wanted to fuck all the time and that pissed her off as it seemed like the only thing he wanted to do. So she chose to facesit on him to make him find another positive way to pass time.

Mistress Anna was tired of how proud her boyfriend was and she felt that it was the negative kind and it would be a major hindrance for his progress. So she chose to use her facesitting fetish to punish him for his own good. As he choked, he realized that the mistress was serious and took her seriously from then on and he tried to take it down a notch.

Mizz Thyck wanted this guy to pay her what he owed her. But he did not want to do so and she was tired of always asking for her money. So she chose to dominate this guy with her ass and she did it by facesitting on him and smothering his face. In the process, she choked him and that was when he realized he had to pay her back.

This guy was a peeping tom and the mistress did not like it. She felt that he had to learn his manners and if he wanted her, he had to approach her like a normal guy. She facesat on him with her big ass, the same one he had been trying to check out from a distance without her knowing. He was made to lick it and smell it before being chased away.

This guy wanted to treat queen Hanna but he did not have money. She knew his kind and she was sure that she would have a good time but would end up spending her own money. So she wanted to find out whether he had the money first and she realized he did not and so she facesat on him and humiliated him to teach him a lesson. She did not go out with him.

Goddess Amina felt that her boyfriend was too irresponsible for her and that he needed to be punished. She did not hesitate to punish him and she ensured that he learned his lesson the hard way. That is why she opted to smother him with her ass and choke him a little in an effort to get some sense into his head. He never messed up again after that punishment.

This guy lusted after this mistress. He fantasized about her a lot and he felt that he wanted to do many things to her. He went ahead to tell her all that and she did not like it. So she set him up and when he went to her house thinking that he would get some, he ended up being forced to endure being facesat on and choked a little.

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