Facesitting Queening - All about beautiful girls sitting on male faces - Page 17

Mistress Natasha does not like liars and this loser was one. He was a serial liar and he could not help himself but lie. He had to be tamed so the mistress used her facesitting fetish to do it. She used her jeans to facesit on him and made him feel the kind of pain he had never felt before. Besides the pain, he was also choking and that was also tough on him.

Mistress Dana loves to do crazy things to people especially to losers. That is what she did today as she spread her butt cheeks and she made this loser bury his face in her ass. In addition, she sat on his face and had him smell her stinky ass and she ordered him to lick her butt crack. He was so scared of her that he did what she asked him to do.

Princess Ciara wanted to blow the mind of this guy while also having fun herself so she teased him and had him undress and she did the same. She then had him lie down and she got on top of him and she facesat on him while at the same time giving him a blowjob he had never gotten before. He loved what she did to him and he licked her pussy well even as she facesat on him.

When this guy catcalled goddess Vanny, he did not know what kind of shit he had gotten himself into. She did not appreciate such behaviors and she punished him as a result. That is what made her choose to degrade him with facesitting. She sat on his face and she even farted on him. He had to lick and smell her ass through her jeans before she let him go.

Madame Marissa felt that this guy was too talkative. He talked too much but he did not make much sense. She felt that it was noise and she was fed up with it. That is why she chose to use her pain to dominate as well as to humiliate him. He was facesat on and his mouth closed as a result. Along with it came pain and humiliation which taught him a lesson.

Princess Serena loves to make guys submit to her will and this slave had tried not to do that. He tried to resist and what he did not know was that he had dug his own grave. She used her facesitting prowess to teach him a lesson. She tied him up and after that she smothered his face as he lay there helpless. He could not move or even say a word.

Mistress Bertie felt that she had to use a different method to punish this loser as he had gotten used to most of her punishment methods. She did not have to think about it too much as she found out about facesitting and she chose to use it. She ass smothered his face by sitting on it and she choked him in the process as he could not breathe properly.

Goddess Lena facesat on this guy for her own enjoyment and she loved it. He was in pain and he was humiliated. He, therefore, begged her to forgive him and let him go but she did not. She told him that the only way she was letting him go was if he came while she facesat on him. So he struggled to jerk off so that he would cum and she would stop.

This slave was too slow for mistress Alisha and she had to get him to do things faster. She had tried to talk to him but it did not seem to help. She had to come up with a different way to do things. That is when she came up with the idea to facesit on him using her big ass. She used her jeans to do it and it was cruel, humiliating and painful as it was intended.

Mistress Sasara was called names by her boyfriend and she did not like the audacity he had to do that. She had to make him stop thinking he could do that and get away with it. So she facesat on him while she was sexily dressed. He was caught flat footed and he was made to pay for his sins. He cried and begged her to forgive him before she let him go.

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