Facesitting Queening - All about beautiful girls sitting on male faces - Page 66

With her sexy ass, Julina has not shortage of admirers. And even when she tells them she loves facesitting on people's faces, many still want her to do it on them

Gina only comes when there is a lot of pressure on her clitoris. She facesat on her slave and smothered his face with her pussy and clit till she came

When Xenia decides to take in a new slave, she knows what she will do to break them in. She calls them into her receiving room and orders them to sit with their head on her ottoman. She walks over dressed in fishnet thigh highs and a black thong set. She sits her thong split ass in his face and watches as he starts to turn red. When she is sure she has his attention, she gets up and allows him to breathe before she starts telling him his role.

When she puts on her black pants, he knows that he should be wearing his ass mask. She only wears her black pants when she is going to sit on his face and play. She loves to bounce up and down on his face, smothering him. She sits and talks to him and relax after a long day of working. When she is finished, she allows him to lay there and recover.

Candy and Aurora love to share. When Candy got married, she promised she would share her husband. When he needed to be punished, she was happy to let Aurora help. After he refused to lick Candy's ass, they punished him. They laid him on the sofa and took turns sitting their round asses in his face. They didn't care that they were smothering him. They wanted to teach him a huge ass smelling lesson. They did.

Kylee told her slave to get her bathroom clean before she got home. When she gets there, her bathroom is filthy. So she tied him up and put him on the dirty bathroom floor to be punished. She sat her thong split ass on his face and smothered him. She bounced and wiggled so his mouth was at her pussy and his nose was up the crack of her ass.

She loves to play with her slaves when she punishes them. She straps her slave down and puts on her butterfly thong and bra. When she is ready to play, she is happy to put her ass in his face, sitting so that he can smell. When she has his gag in his mouth, she is happy to put her pussy in his face so that he can smell but not lick. She loves her cruel and kinky games.

When these two babes went out, they went looking for someone to play with. They found the perfect sucker to bring back to their play pen for some fun. Instead of the hot 3some he thought he was getting, they laid him down and walked all over him. When they got through trampling him in heels, they sat their bare pussies and asses all over his face, making him smell what he couldn't fuck.

When Cheyenne decides to do something, she does it completely. She knows that her slave doesn't like being between her thighs, smelling her pussy and ass but she does it anyway. She loves it when she presses his face into her pussy and makes him sniff. She wants to feel his breath on the crack of her ass, through her nylons while she sits and laughs. She enjoys sitting on his face and making him take it.

After wrestling with her sexy slave, Andrea pinned him to the mat and enjoyed her victory. She put her thong split ass in his face and let her sweat run into his face. When she was done, she turned and put her pussy in his face so that she could cool down and savor how she feels about pinning him. She wants him to smell her pussy and taste her victory.

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