Facesitting Queening - All about beautiful girls sitting on male faces - Page 74

Jana humiliates her male slave. She gets really horny when her submissive loser is lying beneath her ass and has to inhale her intimate scent. The blonde seductress is dressed in her lovely black lingerie as she sits hard on her slaves face with her see through black panties pressing her ass into his face. The slave is forced to breathe her scent as his hands are hand cuffed.

Little Bambina watches TV when Alice and Maria come into the room. They have a better idea instead of watching the movies. The two dominant females her dressed in their provocative black bras and panties as they face sit the helpless Bambina. She is the victim as she leans her head back on the couch to get a face full of the hot asses of the dominant Alice and Maria

Sexy long haired Maiden Jenni dominates her male slave as she is dressed in her white sailors cap and tight black skirt and white leg stockings. The beautiful young maiden face sits her small slave on the bed with her firm ass making him run out of breath. It is a dominant face sitting by the lovely Maiden Jenni as she shows no mercy to her small victim.

Lui today wants to show her friend Nikky how dominant she can be and that she loves to humiliate her friend. She puts Nikky over her knees and slaps her sexy jeans ass again and again and then she gets on top of her sexy redhead friend and face sits her with her tight jeans ass. The hot brunette dominates her friend with her tight ass and jeans pussy.

The beautiful and revengeful Sibilla took the opportunity to get back at a horny lawyer who helped defend a client and lost Sibilla her case. The lawyer is unaware that Sibilla is the one dominating him underneath her beautiful ass and she makes him pay by crushing down on his face hard until he runs out of breath. The dirty lawyer loses air supply under the gorgeous Sibilla.

The stunning brunette Mina is a real mean girl as she face sits on top of the slave in her tight denim shorts on the very hot and humid day. He is forced to smell her moist pussy and ass through hher hot jean shorts as she smothers his face on top of the bed. In the scorching summer heat wave it becomes harder to breathe under neath her ass.

The slave is Degraded by Aileen Taylor the beautiful blonde goddess who face sits the slave in her grey thong underwear. She squats over his face with her lovely tanned butt cheeks forcing the slave to inhale the lovely smell of her wonderful ass. he tries to breathe all he can but is quickly running out of air under neath the hot ass of his sexy blonde haired goddess.

The sexy brunette Goddess Blackdiamoond face sits the male slave on top of the couch. The raven haired beauty is wearing her tight blue denim jeans as she gyrates her full ass on top of the willing slaves face. She bumps and grinds her lovely butt into the face of the slave until he starts to run out of breath under neath her full lovely ass.

The chubby Goddess Elizabeth has fun smothering her male slave on the couch. She is wearing her short pink skirt and no panties as she sits her bare ass and hot pussy on top of his face as he lies back on the couch. She relaxes on top of him as she reviews her paper smothering the small slave with her powerful but beautiful ass. He lives for her pleasure.

Runa the sexy Russian girl entered the room to find her girlfriend Taissia watching the television. soon she overwhelmed her girlfriend and buried her body below her ass. She puts her sexy ass on the face of her girlfriend who still tries to resist. She wears her pink panties to crush her girlfriends face with her sweet pussy. Taissia is running out of breath under neath the ass of Runa

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