Facesitting Queening - All about beautiful girls sitting on male faces - Page 67

Sibilla and JJ like to facesit on their slaves in style. This time, they were stretching and exercising while facesitting on slaves

Anastasia used her sexy charm to make this guy do whatever she wanted. She brainwashed him to believe that smelling asses was sexy

Natasha is a kinky girl. She can and will do anything if it promises to be fun. This time, she wanted this guy to smell her ass and also lick it

Xifeng had learnt about facesitting on the internet. Being an adventurous mistress, she decided to try it. She did and loved it

Sue loves to facesit. It makes her get her clit rubbed and it excited her. She also gets to humiliate someone by making them smell her ass

Sibilla and JJ love to humiliate their slaves together. They enjoy facesitting on a slave and make him find it hard to breathe

With her sexy ass, Julina has not shortage of admirers. And even when she tells them she loves facesitting on people's faces, many still want her to do it on them

Gina only comes when there is a lot of pressure on her clitoris. She facesat on her slave and smothered his face with her pussy and clit till she came

When Xenia decides to take in a new slave, she knows what she will do to break them in. She calls them into her receiving room and orders them to sit with their head on her ottoman. She walks over dressed in fishnet thigh highs and a black thong set. She sits her thong split ass in his face and watches as he starts to turn red. When she is sure she has his attention, she gets up and allows him to breathe before she starts telling him his role.

When she puts on her black pants, he knows that he should be wearing his ass mask. She only wears her black pants when she is going to sit on his face and play. She loves to bounce up and down on his face, smothering him. She sits and talks to him and relax after a long day of working. When she is finished, she allows him to lay there and recover.

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