Facesitting Queening - All about beautiful girls sitting on male faces - Page 13

Mistress Tink and mistress Cassie felt that the best way to dominate this guy and learn to be punctual was for him to be facesat on. And she did it with her smelly as well as sweaty asshole. The mistress made the guy choke and cry as well as pee his pants. He learned to be punctual and never mess around after that. And she recorded it all so as to remind him in case he ever forgot.

Mistress Zephy had asked this guy to give her back her money but he took her round in circles and she was pissed about it. She had to make sure that she got back her money and to do so, she forced the guy to smell her dirty ass and to endure facesitting. He cried as she humiliated him but she did not care what he was going through as she was interested in punishing him.

Mistress Agata found out that her boyfriend had secret accounts that she did not know of and yet they had agreed to maintain a joint account so that they would spend their money transparently. She was so pissed that she stripped naked and then tied him up before facesitting him with her smelly ass. She had taken a shit but did not wipe properly so that she could degrade him with it.

Lady Susan does not like lazy people and this guy was one of the laziest people she had ever seen. So she felt that choking him was the best thing to do to him and she did not hesitate to do it by facesitting him. She did it while wearing her jeans and he was in pain as well as choking which helped him learn his lesson and stop being lazy.

Mistress Elizabeth wanted to try something she had never tried before and that is why she chose to facesit on her boyfriend. She had to make sure that her timing was perfect since he would refuse if she did not know how to make him do it. So she used her naughtiness to get him to agree. And she also used the fact that he had messed up to ensure he agreed to be facesat on.

This guy was told what to do and how to do it but he did not like following instructions which pissed off this mistress. She felt that it was up to her to uproot those horns and she did it with her ass as she facesat him. He choked a little and he panicked. But that was important as it helped him change and stop disregarding instructions from the mistress.

Mizz Thyck and her friend were pissed at the manner in which this guy did things. He ended up pissing them and they had to teach him how not to do things. They used their big asses as weapons to punish and humiliation. That is why they facesat on him with their bare asses which he was forced to lick and smell before they he was allowed to go after nearly choking.

Mistress Kitten was angered by this guy and she had to do something about it which she did using her big and sexy ass. She was wearing jeans as she did it and it made it even more painful. The guy wished he had not pissed her off as she made him endure facitting as well as having to carry her all over for almost an hour until his back nearly broke.

Goddess Kiffa loves to use her hot ass both as a weapon and as a tool for pleasure. She loved to do that because it showed whoever she was dating that she could swing to either side depending on how he treated her. And since this guy did not know about how she used it as a weapon as he had only experienced the pleasure of it, she gave him a taste of it when she facesat and choked him.

Mistress Natalia had looked forward to date night but she was pissed that her boyfriend had forgotten about it. She felt that he did not care enough and even though he tried his best to explain why he forgot, she was not convinced. And to put the issue to rest, she used her ass to facesit him and punish him for it. And she warned next time she would not be so lenient.

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