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This mistress felt that the best way to teach her boyfriend a lesson was to make sure that he was punished for what she considered wrongdoing on his part. He never helped around the house and he was always playing video games. So she used that to punish him. She facesat on him today as she played his video games and she let him choke a little. He became helpful after that punishment.

This mistress used facesitting as a scapegoat to have her ass licked. She pretended that she was facesitting him because he had messed up and in the process of punishment, she had him lick and smell her ass. She specifically wanted him to lick her asshole and he did it. It was great for her even though she did not want the guy to know that. He believed he was being punished for wrongdoing.

This mistress had a strange request from this guy and she wondered whether he was kidding. He requested her to facesit on him and at first she thought it was a sneaky way of sleeping with her but he agreed to be tied up and she knew he genuinely wanted it. So granted him his wish and she facesat on him and he had to smell her sweaty ass even as she rubbed her pussy on his face. She also crushed his balls with her hands even thought it was not part of the plan.

Mistress Iside was out to teach this guy that he could not mess with her without facing any consequences. The guy was very arrogant and she felt that he was used to that kind of impunity. So she did not want to give him the satisfaction of messing with her and getting away with it. That is why she facesat on him and she choked him with her ass in the process.

Mistress Madison found out that her man had kissed another girl and she was so angry that she did not want an explanation of what he had done. She had evidence of it and she knew it was not a lie. All she did to him was to kick him in the nuts and to facesit on him before she gave him a warning that if he ever did that again, he would have himself to blame.

These girls love to do crazy things for fun and today was one such day. The mistresses felt that the best way to deal with this guy today and for them to have maximum fun, was to tease him and then take advantage of him when he was turned on. The mistresses laughed at him as he tried to praise them so as to get forgiven. It did not work and he tried insults which did not work too. He had to endure it all.

Mizz Thyck wanted to torture this guy with her big ass and she felt that she needed the help of her equally BBW mistress. The two of them had a great time torturing the guy and forcing him to lick as well as smell their asses as well as their pussies. He was told that if he did not do what they wanted him to do, he would be made to endure worse than that.

Mistress Jardena felt that this guy needed to make her cum so she took advantage of her facesitting him to masturbate on him. She rubbed her pussy on his face and she went ahead to use a vibrator on her clit and as she felt great, she forgot she was punishing him and she had him lick her and eat her out until she had an orgasm. She was pleased with him and she forgave him.

Goddess Nika set out to teach this guy a lesson he had never been taught befoe and she used her facesitting fetish to do so. He was in pain as she covered his face and he could not breathe properly. He cried and wished that he had never pissed her off but it was already too late and he had to deal with her punishment. The mistress farted on him for good measure.

Mistress Scarlet is successful because she gets info before her competitors do. And today she wanted some hot and juicy information before her competitors got wind of it. So she asked this guy for it but he refused. She could not go without the information so she used facesitting queening to force the guy to give her the information that she was looking for. The pain spoke to him and he gave it to her.

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