Facesitting Queening - All about beautiful girls sitting on male faces - Page 7

This ebony mistress wanted to choke this guy a little and she did it by forcing him to lick and smell her ass. She buried his face between her ass and as if that was not enough, she did the same with her tits. He nearly peed himself as she did that to him and he knew that she was not one to mess with. But he had a little fun feeling her pussy and tits against his face.

Mistress Tink and her friends mistress Cassie and mistress April had a score to settle with this guy. He had to be punished because he had reneged on his pledge and promises and the mistresses did not want to encourage that behavior. That is why they chose to force him to meet his pledge. The mistresses facesat on the guy and smothered him to a point of nearly choking him.

Mistress Lola felt that her cousin needed to be facesat on and she did it without thinking twice. The cousin was taken by surprise and wondered what he had done to warrant that. He was naked on his bed when she went to facesit on him. She was shocked to find out that he had a small dick. But she came as she rubbed her clit and pussy on his face

This loser was troublesome and mistress Angelina felt that she had to punish him so as to ensure he never messed with her again. That is why she went out of her way to trample him and crush the shit out of him. The mistress used her jeans to facesit on him and choke him at the same time. It was humiliating for him but a lot of fun for her.

Mistress Natasha was angered by the fact that this guy forgot his birthday and she knew that it was important for her to punish him and ensure that he never forgot about anything else. He must have been taking things for granted for him to do what he had done. And that is why she choked and crushed his face as she facesat on him. It was pure bliss for her.

Mistress Sofi does not need a major reason to punish anyone. She was bored today and that was enough for her to choose to facesit on this guy. She did it in a way he had never thought he would be humiliated and he feared her and he cooperated with her by doing all that she asked him. When she felt that it was enough for her, she let him go.

Mistress Zephy had set out to punish this guy and she did it by facesitting on him. But she was also horny and since she was facesitting on him with her bare ass and pussy, his face touched her pussy and her clit and she got wet. He noticed and he ate her pussy and he let her. It was so good and he ate her like an expert and made her cum and that is how he stopped punishing her.

Lady Victoria did not want an argumentative slave. But he was a hard worker and she did not want to lose that about him. All she had to do was to make sure that he changed and stopped arguing with her by knowing his place in her house. So she taught it to him by facesitting on him and smothering him with her ass. As he choked, he realized he had to stop arguing with his boss.

Mistress Gilda was embarrassed at how forgetful her slave was and she felt that she might have aided his forgetfulness by condoning it and being lenient to him. She chose to facesit on him and choke on him a little bit in order to punish and humiliate him. The mistress knew that the pain and humiliation he felt would lead to him learning to change and to not forgetting things.

Mistress Enola was pissed at what this guy had done to him and she felt that it was important for her to choke him, which she did by facesitting him. The mistress cruelly did it and only stopped long enough for him to gasp for air before she did it again. He nearly shit his pants as the mistress did this to him. He wished he had never pissed her off.

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