Facesitting Queening - All about beautiful girls sitting on male faces - Page 20

Mistress Gaia and her friend were both horny but there was no one to put them out of their misery. The mistresses had a hard time trying to figure out how to satisfy themselves. The chose to try girl on girl fun and that is how they came to facesit on each other and eat each other out. They also licked each other and had fun they had never had before.

Madame Marissa's husband wanted them to spice things up in the bedroom so she asked him what he had in mind and he suggested that they try domination. He wanted her to dominate him and also introduce a little pain as he had heard that it was sexy when incorporated in tiny amounts. So she got down to work and she facesat on him as she had seen on the internet. She rubbed her pussy against his face and became wet and she used jeans to make it a bit painful for him. They both had a great time and were turned on greatly.

Goddess Vanny was ready to fuck the lights out of this guy but when she realized he was married, she quickly changed it from a fun moment for both of them to a punishment for him. The mistress facesat on him and she choked him. He had to learn to be faithful to his wife and not be looking for fun from young and wild girls like her. He learned his lesson.

Lady Betty loves to do crazy things to guys who are gullible enough to let her do them. Today she did it with her friend. She wanted her friend to join her in her fetishes. The two mistresses managed to lure a loser and they got the guy to endure being facesat on and choked by their sexy asses. He was grateful the mistresses did not choose to fart on him.

Lady Morgana has an ass that is out of this world and she used it to facesit on this guy. When she came across facesitting fetish, she knew she had to try it. So she teased this guy and being the hot and naughty mistress she is, the did not find it hard to get a victim. The guy loved having her pussy and her ass on his face even though it was a bit uncomfortable, choked him and was a little humiliating.

Mistress Suzy did not like how this guy had lied to her. She hates liars and she showed him just how much she hates them. She facesat on him and she choked him with her ass and her farts. He tried to distract himself with her gorgeous ass but the facesitting and choking were just too much for him and he even peed his pants. That is when she let him go.

Mistress Ava loves riding her man. But today he did not deserve to be ridden. He deserved to be facesat on and that is what she did to him. She tied him up and made him believe that she was going to ride him. But she shocked him by facesitting on him and choking him in the process. She could hear him begging for mercy but she ignored him and went on punishing him.

Princess Serena was tired of arguing with this loser. She wanted to dominate him and she felt that facesitting on him would be the best way to punish him. So she got him to lie down and she ass smothered him. She got him to choke as she covered his face with her ass and she even farted on him for good measure. He was both humiliated and turned on as he could also smell her pussy.

Goddess Allie has a great ass and a great pussy her boyfriend absolutely adored them. He loved her tight pussy and wanted a piece of it today. So he asked her to facesit on him so that he could give it the licking it deserved. She agreed and facesat on him while eating popcorn. She wiggled her ass and got him to lick her asshole too, which was something she had been dying to try. Needless to say, they were both madly turned on.

This mistress tried to dominate her boyfriend and she found out he loved it. So today when she came home from work, she made him lie on the floor and she facesat on him. She smothered his face with her ass as she wanted to introduce a new angle to his domination. She wanted to add a little pain to it and see how he would like it. So she used her jeans to facesit on him. He loved it.

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