Facesitting Queening - All about beautiful girls sitting on male faces - Page 99

Mistress Melissa shows her slave what it really takes to be her personal ass butler. She makes him lay on the ground as she sits on his face with her sexy black string ass. She forces him to worship her ass and makes him smell it. While she does so she keeps humiliating him all the time.

Lisa Jordan made this clip for all of her fans who are into facesitting. She's wearing an ultra-short red skirt and a red thong underneath. As she lifts her skirt she tells you to imagine lying right under her and then lowers her ass slowly until her ass fills the whole picture - wouldn't it be a dream come true to have this hottie sitting on your face?

Mistress Jane forces her slave to sign a contract where he gives her the right to use his face as a seat whenever she demands! Of course she wants to try it right away! She's wearing stunning golden spandex trousers and makes sure to smother him under her perfect ass. Now there's no way back for him - he'll be her facesitting slave forever!

Xana and Makali want to punish this guy for cheating on Xana and facesit him in the bedroom. They place their hot butts right on his face and smother him. He has no chance to get them off with their combined weight resting on his chest and face!

Mistress Katja wants to train her slave to endure longer facesitting sessions and she picked her brand new - extra hard - jeans to test him! She places her ass in skin-tight jeans right on his nose and doesn't care about his whining. She even extends her legs to apply even more weight to his face and is amused by his pain.

BBW mistress Cathy is dressed as a princess wearing a pink rubber dress and her crown. She sits down on the slave girl's face and smothers her under her big ass. She starts facesitting her on the floor - frontal and reverse - before she orders her to lie down on the couch and facesits her side-saddle - crushing the soft face under her massive butt!

Sexy Mistress Mercedes sits on her slaves face. She wears a sexy tight blue jeans and smothers him with her full body weight. It's getting dangerous for him because he runs out of breathe but he cannot free himself because he is totally delivered to his new mistress...

Sexy Korean girl Jet overpowered this weak man in a wrestling match and to humiliate him even more she sits down on his face and smothers him under her tasty ass. He has no chance to fight her off as he's totally exhausted and so he's completely at her mercy - will she let him breathe or will he get suffocated under her ass?

Mistress Marcia's slave is waiting for his mistress as he lays on the ground. She tramples him with her sexy black pumps and makes him lick them clean. His head is covered by one nylons sock. Next she smothers him and in the end she puts her shoes on his face to make him become a living shoe holder...

Sexy and gorgeous mistress Cathy told her slave to stay at home when she was having a nice date with her new lover, but that little bitch simply went out of the house to fetch something to drink at the supermarket! Now she punishes him by smothering him for hours. Her whole body weight is carried by his head...

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