Facesitting Queening - All about beautiful girls sitting on male faces - Page 27

This mistress' boyfriend wanted to try femdom and BDSM. She agreed to do it because she was the one dominating him. She enjoyed using her sexy ass to facesit on him and make him smell her ass. She also made him lick it although it was not easy for him to do. He was a little uncomfortable but it turned him on massively as he had never been dominated before.

This mistress thought this mistress was joking when she told him she would tease him and make him cry. He dared her to do it and she took him to her house. She teased him and she got him to lick her ass and smell it. He was turned on and his guard was down. She then facesat on him, choked him and she made him cry. That was when he realized what she meant.

Goddess Lilith did not want to encourage her boyfriend to be lazy. She asked him to get off the bed and go to work but he did not feel like doing it. She did not want his ass being fired so she facesat on him to get him fully awake. She humiliated him and she did so till he begged her to let him go and promised he would never do it again.

Goddess Liana has a sexy ass that she used to get her way with this guy. She also has big tits which complement her sexy ass. She teased this guy and she got him turned on to the point where she could have all the fun she had at his expense. She had total control over him and she got him to do what she wanted without giving him anything in return except the chance to smell her pussy as she facesat on him.

Madame Marissa loves to have fun all the time. And that is what she did today but she did it at the expense of her next door neighbor. He had eyes for her and had been wanting to nail her for a long time and she knew. But instead of giving in, she played him and she facesat on him for her own enjoyment while at the same time making him feel like it was mutual fun.

This mistress was bored in the house today so she had fun at the expense of her boyfriend. She waited for him to come home and when he did, she facesat on him and pretended she was trying something new. He agreed because he liked how kinky she was. He enjoyed being dominated although he felt some pain as he sat on his face and wiggled her ass on it.

Madame Marissa and her boyfriend agreed that their sexual life was getting boring. They had to do something to make it interesting again. They spoke at length and agreed to try some kinks. Today they were trying facesitting. She went first. She facesat on him seductively and rubbed her ass on his face. She did it as if she was riding his dick and he loved it too although it was a bit painful at times.

Mistress Melissa was not going to do any of the things she had seen her friends do to slaves and losers. She did not want to use any pain such as crushing balls or slapping. She had her own which was equally effective and she enjoyed it. She used facesitting to get her way and she enjoyed how she was able to rub her ass, her pussy and her clit on the loser. She achieved both humiliating and torturing him as well as getting herself sexually excited and sometimes even cumming.

Madame Marissa bought a trampling box when she noticed that this loser was not good at following instructions. She started a new game where whenever he messed up, she would spend a few minutes facesitting on him using the trampling box. She had a great time doing it that she looked forward to him messing up so that she could have a chance to humiliate and torture him with her ass.

Mistress Gaia was in her torture chambers with her slave. He had to undergo his annual facesitting and punishment session. The mistress did so in order for the slave to know that she would not tolerate his nonsense. She also did that so that she would have a few chances to humiliate him in the event that he was a perfectly behaved slave. She enjoyed it so much because she did not know when she could be able to do it again.

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