Facesitting Queening - All about beautiful girls sitting on male faces - Page 19

This mistress wanted to prove her boyfriend wrong that she could use her ass to punish. He was skeptical so she tested the theory on him. The mistress got him to lie down and she ass crushed him. She also farted on his face and did other cruel and crazy things to him. He agreed with her that an ass could be a potent weapon if one needed it to be.

Madame Marissa and her boyfriend are a playful lot. They like to play all manner of games and today the two of them chose to try a game in which the winner would do whatever he or she felt to the loser. Madame Marissa won and she chose to facesit on her man. He had to endure the humiliation as well as the choking that came with her facesitting him.

Princess Serena did not like this guy. He had a bad vibe about him and she wanted him to stop trying to spend time with her. She told him off politely but he did not heed her call. She chose to teach him a lesson in a way he would under better. She did this by crushing and facesitting his face with her ass in jeans. The pain made him understand her better.

Lady Morgana was asked by a friend to help her get back a debt she was owed by a loser. The mistress agreed since she did not have anything better to do. The mistress went ahead and facesat on the guy and she choked him a little bit. He was scared shitless and he feared what she would do to him if he did not pay back the debt so he paid.

When mistress Natasha noticed that her classmate had his eyes on her, she knew she had to act quickly to make him stop looking at her the way he did. She had to make him learn to respect her and also not look at her as a sexual object. So the mistress facesat on him and she crushed his head with her ass and she even farted on his face.

When lady Karame found out that her slave had messed up, she set out to punish him and she did it as well as she could. The mistress did not consider the mistake her slave had made to be grave so she wanted something mild to use to punish him. And that is when she settled on farting on him as punishment. It was a cruel and brutal one but he learned his lesson.

Goddess Allie wanted to dominate this loser to pass time and to have fun at his expense. She did not need to overthink it so she facesat on him and she had fun wiggling her ass on his face. He was turned on and let her do whatever it is that she felt like doing to him. He was shocked but he could not help himself from the naughty mistress.

Mistress Suzy has a big clit and when she set out to enjoy facesitting fetish, the clit got in the way of her humiliating this loser and instead she had fun while trying to torture him. As she facesat on him, her clit rubbed on his face and she got sexually excited. She was wet and she forgot why she was facesitting on him and she went ahead to make herself cum.

This mistress wanted nothing but the truth and that is what she got from this loser. The mistress did not like what she had seen from him as she had found out he had been bending the truth to tell her what she felt he needed to hear. The mistress forced the loser to endure her facesitting and as he choked, he told her everything she wanted to know and then some.

Mistress Dana is blessed with an ass that is out of this world. And today the mistress used her big ass to dominate and have fun at the expense of this loser. She teased him with her ass and he took the bait. She then took advantage of him and she made him eat her ass. She then farted on him when she felt she had had enough of him.

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