Facesitting Queening - All about beautiful girls sitting on male faces - Page 3

This mistress wanted a new and expensive designer handbag and she used her sexy ass to get it. She teased this guy with her lingerie till he became putty in her hands. She facesat on him and she got him to smell her ass and her pussy. She then got him to buy it for her and then she found a way to lay him down easy without doing anything in return.

Mistress Edyn used her sexy ass to get answers from this guy. She had been puzzled about a certain phenomenon and he was the only one who could break it down to her. But he refused initially and she had to make him do it. She did so using her sexy ass which she used to both tease and torture him by facesitting on him. As he choked, he told her.

This mistress took advantage of her ass to try facesitting fetish. She has a gorgeous behind and she uses it to gain favors and to try naughty things at the expense of guys who want to nail her. This guy wanted to nail her but she used him instead. She teased him and she facesat on him after making him believe that she would get turned on by facesitting on him.

Mistress Edyn has a lovely ass and she wanted it pampered today. She got this guy to lick it and to smell it. She had his face in a trampling box and his body was wrapped in plastic film. She then had a great time facestting on him and choking him for her fun. She let him breathe before he passed out and then she did it again. It was cruel but she loved it.

Mistress X wanted to cum but her boyfriend was not in the mood for sex. She did not bother forcing him to have sex. She just undressed and she facesat on him. She got him to lick her ass as well as her pussy. He was an expert in oral sex and she rode his face as he licked her clit and it did not take long before she came.

This mistress' boyfriend wanted to try femdom and BDSM. She agreed to do it because she was the one dominating him. She enjoyed using her sexy ass to facesit on him and make him smell her ass. She also made him lick it although it was not easy for him to do. He was a little uncomfortable but it turned him on massively as he had never been dominated before.

This mistress thought this mistress was joking when she told him she would tease him and make him cry. He dared her to do it and she took him to her house. She teased him and she got him to lick her ass and smell it. He was turned on and his guard was down. She then facesat on him, choked him and she made him cry. That was when he realized what she meant.

Goddess Lilith did not want to encourage her boyfriend to be lazy. She asked him to get off the bed and go to work but he did not feel like doing it. She did not want his ass being fired so she facesat on him to get him fully awake. She humiliated him and she did so till he begged her to let him go and promised he would never do it again.

Goddess Liana has a sexy ass that she used to get her way with this guy. She also has big tits which complement her sexy ass. She teased this guy and she got him turned on to the point where she could have all the fun she had at his expense. She had total control over him and she got him to do what she wanted without giving him anything in return except the chance to smell her pussy as she facesat on him.

Madame Marissa loves to have fun all the time. And that is what she did today but she did it at the expense of her next door neighbor. He had eyes for her and had been wanting to nail her for a long time and she knew. But instead of giving in, she played him and she facesat on him for her own enjoyment while at the same time making him feel like it was mutual fun.

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