Facesitting Queening - All about beautiful girls sitting on male faces - Page 24

Madame Marissa was not amused to learn that this loser had been bad-mouthing her. She had to put an end to it and she did it as cruelly as she could. She made the bitch lie down on the sofa and she crushed her face with her ass. She facesat on her cruelly and she nearly choked her as she did. She had a great time doing it and by the time she was done, she knew she would not make that mistake again.

Mistress Roxana was not going to let this loser get away with the mistake he had done. She used her ass as well as her jeans to dominate and torture him. She did this by facesitting on him and making him cry like a baby. He cried because he was afraid he would choke and she would let him choke. She, however, did not let him choke. She just threatened to.

Mistress Akiba has a big ass and she is not afraid to use it for her own enjoyment. She used it to facesit on this loser today after he had refused to do a favor for her. She turned him on by teasing him and once he was horny, she facesat on him and she made fun of him. She nearly choked him as she sat on his face and farted on it.

Princess Smiley was horny and she knew this guy had a small dick s she knew she was not going to fuck him as that would lead to disappointment. She wanted to cum but not through penetration. She made him lie down and she facesat on him. She played with her clit using his face and she gave him instructions on what to do until she came and explosively so.

This Russian mistress has a great ass. This guy wanted a piece of it but she did not want to give it to him. He pestered her and became a bother until she pretended to give in. But she did not give in os that he could fuck her. She wanted to have fun at his expense. So she facesat on him and she rode his face by rubbing her pussy and her clit on it until she came. Then she left him high and dry.

Lady Alice and mistress BlackDiamoond wanted to try facesitting fetish. It looked sexy and they wanted to try it. The mistresses found a loser who was lied to that the mistresses wanted to fuck him. The guy was made to lie down and he was tied down as well before they facesat on him, made him lick and smell their pussies as well as do the same for their asses.

Lady Stefanie wanted some money from this guy and she knew that he was a miser and would not give it to him. So she planned how to get the money from him. She took him to the bed and she tied him up. She then facesat on him and she choked him as she did that. She then asked him to jerk off as she crushed his face and humiliated him. As he got hornier and more humiliated, she got what she wanted.

Madame Svea has a big ass and she loves to show it off. She showed it off today not to turn on this guy but to humiliate him. She gyrated her ass and he loved it so much that he lost control of himself to her. The mistress facesat on him and she made him believe that they were both having fun when she was clearly the one having fun.

Princess Morgana was shocked to learn that this guy was the one behind her woes. She had investigated diligently and she was convinced beyond reasonable doubt that it was this loser who was behind her woes. She pretended not to know what he had done and she got him to go to her house. She then facesat on him and she dominated and humiliated him as she crushed his face using her sexy ass.

Mistress Ava Black and her friends are not people to mess with as this guy came to find out. Mistresses Ava, Adreena and Ava Austen used their asses to dominate and torture the guy. They wanted him to learn that they are not the kind of people to be messed with. He was choked using their asses and he was made to lick their assholes. He did all those disgusting things as the mistresses enjoyed themselves at his expense.

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