Facesitting Queening - All about beautiful girls sitting on male faces - Page 21

Madame Marissa has a nice ass and she knows guys love it. This guy also loved it and he wanted to tap it. He had been playing his cards right and the mistress was in the mood for some naughty things with him. But at the last minute, he pissed her off and she turned from being in the mood to humiliating him using her facesitting fetish. She choked him with her jeans as she facesat on him.

Mistress Natasha was angered by how lazy her slave was. She had tried to make him change and become a hard working person but he did not do that. Mistress Natasha chose to dominate and torture him and she did so using her facesitting fetish. The mistress choked him as she facesat on him and he peed his pants as he could not believe what she was doing to him.

Facesitting losers is what this mistress knows and loves. She enjoys dominating guys and making them drink her urine or swallow her saliva among other cruel and dominating things. She chose to make this loser lie down and drink her urine as well as smell her farts. She was pissed at how he had ignored her warnings and he had gone ahead and done what she did not want him to do.

Princess Amber was tired with how this guy was always trying to hit on her even after she told him she was not interested in him. It had stopped being sweet and she wanted to put an end to it. She did so using her facesitting queening fetish. She tricked him to go to her house and instead of fun, all he got was being facesat on and being choked.

Lady Aurelia knew her slave had not done anything to warrant being humiliated and degraded. But she did it anyway. She wanted to do it because she did not want him to mess up. The facesitting was to send a message that he had to be on guard and ensure he never messed up with her. Otherwise, he would not like the consequences of messing up or pissing her off.

Lady Betty came home from work and found her slave had not prepared dinner like she had instructed him. She was pissed and she went to his room where he was sleeping and she woke him up, tied him up and she facesat on him. She choked him with her ass as she sat on his face. She wanted to send a message that she would not tolerate such behavior again.

Mistress Sam and her friend had a disagreement and they agreed to settle it by wrestling. They wrestled hard and after a while, mistress Sam managed to pin her friend down and facesit on her. She gagged her with her big booty and she nearly choked her. She asked her friend to surrender so that she would stop doing it and her friend surrendered. That is how she won the duel.

Madame Marissa was not amused to learn that this loser had been bad-mouthing her. She had to put an end to it and she did it as cruelly as she could. She made the bitch lie down on the sofa and she crushed her face with her ass. She facesat on her cruelly and she nearly choked her as she did. She had a great time doing it and by the time she was done, she knew she would not make that mistake again.

Mistress Roxana was not going to let this loser get away with the mistake he had done. She used her ass as well as her jeans to dominate and torture him. She did this by facesitting on him and making him cry like a baby. He cried because he was afraid he would choke and she would let him choke. She, however, did not let him choke. She just threatened to.

Mistress Akiba has a big ass and she is not afraid to use it for her own enjoyment. She used it to facesit on this loser today after he had refused to do a favor for her. She turned him on by teasing him and once he was horny, she facesat on him and she made fun of him. She nearly choked him as she sat on his face and farted on it.

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