Facesitting Queening - All about beautiful girls sitting on male faces - Page 14

Goddess Fiona could see that this guy needed some uplifting. He seemed down and she felt pity for him and she gave him some encouraging words. She noticed how he was looking at her ass and she used it to facesit on him not to punish him, but so he could get a smell and a feel of it even though he would not get the chance to sleep with her. She was out of his league but she did it to motivate him.

This guy lied to mistress Madison and she was angry at him. She wanted him punished since she was not going to forgive him. The mistress prefers to get even than to get mad and today she chose to facesit on this guy so as to teach him a lesson. The mistress choked the guy as she sat on his face and she made him never want to mess with her again.

Goddess Kiffa knew that she did not want a troublesome person near her and yet this girl was. She had to find a way to deal with the girl and she did it with her facesitting fetish. The mistress laughed at the girl as she cried and even peed her pants. She was begging her for mercy but the mistress ignored her since she had to learn not to be troublesome.

This guy had a crush on this mistress and she took advantage of it to have fun at his expense. She told the guy how much she wanted him but he had to do things her way. The guy agreed and let her facesit him and do some nasty things like fart on him. She then rubbed her clit on his face until she squirted on him and then told him she was satisfied and he had done all of that to her.

Mistress Lisa wanted her husband to learn that she was not going to allow him to do whatever he wanted at her expense. She wanted him to learn to collaborate with her on things so she facesat him to pump some sense into his head. As she ass smothered him and crushed his head, he choked a little and he begged her to stop as he had learned his lesson.

Lady Naomi wanted to show her friends how to facesit practically. She had told them the theoretical aspect of it but they were dying for the practical bit of it. She had told them it could be used for both pain and pleasure depending on what the end game was. So they were the ones to choose what they wanted to use it for. She had a loser who she practiced on as they watched, took notes and eventually tried it.

Lady Rosalina did not want anyone who was an eavesdropper near her. This guy was and she did not think that he needed to be one so she taught him how not to be an eavesdropper. The mistress cruelly facesat on him and she choked him with her ass then she farted on him for good measure. He had no choice but to change and apologize for what he had done.

Mistress Nica wanted to dominate and humiliate her stylist as he seemed to have lost his sense of style and he was not as good or as effective as he used to be. The mistress had to humiliate and dominate him when she realized he did not seem to realize that things were going backward instead of forward and that he was losing his touch. Facesitting on him seemed to reboot him.

Princess Natalie summoned her slave to her bedroom and she spent a significant amount of time punishing him for being untidy. She wanted him to check out how well kept her bedroom was and he was supposed to go and dot he same to his room. And to make sure he did, she facesat on him and humiliated him a little bit. He did not want a repeat of it so he did.

Lady Rockabella knew that this guy was rude and he deserved to be punished. He looked down on others and thought he was better than everyone but he was not. So the mistress lured him to her house and he went as he thought she would be an easy lay. But he was shocked when she facesat on him and humiliated him before she chased him out of her house.

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