Facesitting Queening - All about beautiful girls sitting on male faces - Page 69

BBW Lady Cathy is only wearing a thong and bra when she orders her whiny slave to put his head on the leather stool. She sits down on his face and lets him smell her ass. with her big beautiful ass she smothers him and sinks more and more of her weight on to him until almost only the tips of her toes touch the ground for her balance. The slave is crushed under her full body weight and whimpers in pain.

The SadoSisters took a guy from college to their home. Of course he didn't expect what's coming next, but he always mocked on them in school and they've secretly planned to give him a serious punishment. They push him on a couch and start to sit on his face with their tight jeans. He gets not only smothered but they nearly crush his face as they drop their beautiful bottoms on his face as if it was a normal chair! After a while they think that the couch is too comfy for him and he has to lie down on a wooden coffee table where they facesit him again - of course it's even harder on the hard table compared to the soft couch. Maybe he learned a lesson from this punishment?

BBW mistress Cathy orders her skinny slave to lie down on the small couch and places her huge ass right on his small face. If he's in pain under her massive weight? Not her problem! She needs a comfortable seat to make a few phone calls and she just loves to grind his face under her ass.

Mistress Nia got a new pair of shiny silver lycra pants and not sits on her slave's face wearing them. She sits down with her full weight and smother him under her sexy butt. Nia tries a lot of different positions and always makes sure her slave doesn't get to breathe to long in between!

Emma's butt slave is already lying on the sofa as she commanded him to. He waits there for his Mistress to sit on his face and use him as personal seat. Then she enters the room with her new jogging trousers and lowers her ass right on his face! That feels so comfy. Men's faces are just good to be sit on.

This dominant Mistress loves it to make her slaves do disgusting things. In this case she makes one of them smell her ass and privates. She sits on his face and covers up his mouth and nose! She rubs it all hard over his face to hurt him as he tries to breath...

This cruel Mistress chokes a slave with her black gloves. She also sits on his face after lifting her Scottish skirt! Then she smothers him with her hands and she also tortures his nipples. He lets her do anything to him even as she turns around again to cover his mouth and nose with her sexy pantyhose ass.

He has been good for nothing. He has always lived on her debts, made her pay everything for him and then he cheated her. But now it's payback time! She has trapped her ex boyfriend in the legendary payback-box - a special invention made to trap someone and force him to become a living seat! Tina uses his face instantly with a smile and a feeling of deep pleasure rushes her as she hears him moan under her sexy ass...

Melissa found out that her teacher is a perverted submissive ass worshipping loser. She thought it would be fun to blackmail him by telling him that he needs to do everything she wants him to do or otherwise she would tell everybody what he likes - and she was right: Pure fun for her.

Mercedes has wrapped one poor guy in plastic! Now that he is delivered to her she can torture and punish him however she likes. She first sits on his face with her sexy pantyhose. Then she takes them off to sit on him with her string ass. He is made to smell her butt all the time with no escape...

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